Saturday, January 18, 2014

Zpagetti Crochet Baskets

Have you heard of Zpagetti yarn?  It's a yarn made from offcuts of new fashion garments.  It's made of high quality cotton just like the t-shirts you might wear every day.

 I had used a similar t-shirt yarn that I found at Spotlight a while ago and made a basket to hold my yarn (which you can see in this post HERE) but I hadn't seen any at Spotlight for ages so I was really happy to find the Zpagetti website selling their yarn in lots of lovely colours.  It's so fun to crochet with! You use a large 10mm or 12mm hook and the item you're making works up so quickly.

Anyway...back in December I decided to make my lovely friend Janelle a basket as one of her Christmas gifts.  Her favourite colour combo is grey and yellow so since I didn't have any yellow t-shirt yarn in my stash I went with grey.  I found this free pattern called Zpagetti Basket Revisto which I found HERE on an overseas Zpagetti website.  The pattern has been translated to English and I found a couple of discrepancies in the translation so in the end I just used it as a guide and made the rest up myself.

Now I have to say that if you're not used to working with t-shirt yarn it really is quite physical compared to crochet with normal yarn.  You're using your whole arms to work the hook and I found my arms ached by then end of the night.  It was worth it though!  I really enjoyed making this basket and hoped that Janelle would like it too.

I added a nice big flower on the side as well just for fun.  

As soon as my Mum saw it she really wanted one too.  She chose the aqua yarn that I had here and I got to work again.  I changed it up a little this time around and used a smaller stitch...mainly just for fun to see how it would look.

And here is the finished basket.  I quite like this pretty!

Madi had been watching me stitching away on the first two baskets and it wasn't long before I was stitching one just for her.  Luckily I already had this lovely pink Zpagetti waiting to be used.  I made this one a little differently again making it smaller, stitching it in the round and I did the handles a little differently too.  She loves her new basket and I find it all around the house full of interesting things! :)

There is SO much more I want to make using this yarn.  I love the texture and look it creates.  Have you knitted or crocheted with t-shirt yarn before and what did you make?

Sheree xx


  1. Oh these are ADORABLE, Sheree!! I've never heard of that yarn before ... but then I don't knit/crochet ;)
    Hope you are going well xxx

    1. Thanks so much Chloe! I hope all is well with you and your family too! :)

  2. The most I have made is a granny square with regular wool. But this looks awesome!

    1. Thanks Kelly! You should give it a try! :)


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