Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pom Pom Garland

It's school holidays here at the moment and it's SO nice to have a break from school runs and to have the kids home.   They love that they can get up and do their own thing each day.  We haven't planned too many outings as Paul is working and as it turns out Ayden isn't well at the we've been keeping ourselves occupied at home.  

We've been giving Madi's room a little makeover over the past few days.  She picked out a pretty new doona cover and we've totally rearranged her room for the first time since she can remember...and she LOVES her new look room! 

Today we decided  to have a little crafty fun and make a pretty pom pom garland to hang on the wall to add a little more colour to the room.

Pom poms are so fun!  I remember making loads of pom poms when I was little.  Dad would cut out two donut shaped pieces of cardboard for me and I'd spend AGES threading yarn through the hole and round and round to make them. Nowadays there are quite a few plastic pom pom makers out there that you can buy but I've found just using your own fingers is a pretty quick and easy way to make pom poms and doesn't cost you anything.  I know I'm not the only one to make pom poms this way but if you haven't and you'd like to have a go I've taken a few step-by-step photos that I hope will help.

You'll need yarn, scissors and a crochet hook comes in handy too.

Simply wind the yarn round and round your fingers until you have a good thickness wrapped around then snip your yarn.

Cut another length of yarn to tie around the middle.  Now with all that yarn wrapped around your fingers it's almost impossible to thread a piece through your fingers so that's where the crochet hook really helps.  Poke the crochet hook through your fingers and pull the length of yarn through like this.

Then pull one end of the yarn up through your fingers leaving the other end on the other side of your hand.  Wrap that length of yarn around the middle of the layers and tie a loose knot.

Slip the whole lot carefully off your hand and tighten the knot around the middle.  You'll need to tie a double knot for extra strength.

Next go ahead and snip through all the loops to make your pom pom nice and fluffy.

Trim around your pom pom to get rid of all those messy  bits and make your pom pom nice and round.  You can see the difference below between the trimmed pom pom on the left and the messy one of the right.  The more you trim the smaller and tighter your pom pom becomes.

Here's our finished pile of trimmed pom poms.

To make the garland simply thread a long length of white yarn through the middle of each pom pom using a yarn needle.  They slide along the yarn which makes easy to adjust the space in between each one when you go to hang it up on the wall.  When you've got the finished garland length just right tie a knot on each end to help keep the first and last pom poms in place.

Then you're ready to go and hang your garland wherever you like!

It's such a fun, easy way to add a bit of colour to any room...and it's great for using up leftover scraps of yarn too!

Madi's already asking to make one out of Christmassy colours to hang up this Christmas.   :)

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!  If you make your own pom pom garland I'd love to see it!

Sheree xx


  1. Oh Sheree - this is gorgeous! Madi's room is looking beautiful!! KIM

    1. Thank you so much Kim! Madi's really happy with everything...until the next time she wants a change! LOL :)

  2. It's gorgeous. The girls think madis room looks lovely. They want to have a go. We might try it.
    M xx,oo

  3. How cool! My daughter tried making a pom pom once with one of those plastic thingies. We ended up its strands of wool everywhere LOL.


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