Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Snapshot of July

LOVE instagram.  I'm on there every day without fail either to upload a photo, check out everyone else's photos or both.  I think it's my most used, favourite app!

Last year I was following along with Photo a Day (where you're given a daily prompt and you then upload a photo each day that relates to that prompt).  I really enjoyed it but somewhere along the line I got slack and fell too far behind and that was the end of it.  I still love seeing everyone else's Photo a Day pics but since I've discovered I just don't have time to take a prompted or themed photo everyday I thought I'd still play along by taking at least one daily pic of something I'm doing or making or something totally random!  I figured it'd still be fun to see my collection of photos each month. :)

I started at the beginning of this month adding one insta photo a day to my handy Project 365 app...and here's a snapshot of my July!

Lots of school holiday fun, crafting, a new washing machine (YAY!), a hair cut, doctor visits, four leaf clovers and the start of our family holiday to Queenstown, New Zealand!  (I'll be back to share more about our holiday very soon.)

I'm hoping I'll find this version of photo a day easier to keep up with...fingers crossed!

Sheree xx


  1. Love love your new profile pic!!! Gorgeous, love seeing all your photos too. Miss you girl. M xxoo

    1. Aww thanks Mel! Had my hair done so took the opportunity to snap a couple of updated pics. :) Miss you too! S xx

  2. So many fun pics Sheree, and I absolutely LOVE your gorgeous new profile pic too :)

  3. I started using the project 365 app last year... but then found I didn't have time to keep it up :/ I love being able to look back on each month pictorially. I also used to try to do the FMS Photo a day challenge - but that was even shorter lived :D I've wondered if I should try just to do the weekend ones!


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