Saturday, April 13, 2013

A new crochet basket...

A while I go I came across some cool yarn at Spotlight called Gypsy. I'd never seen it before and it was like one big long strip of t-shirt fabric all rolled into a ball.
I thought it'd be fun to play with so I bought a couple of balls, brought it home and stuck it my craft room where it stayed until this week when I got the sudden urge to dig it out.  Since it needed an 8mm hook I figured it'd be chunky enough to make a crochet basket to hold my latest projects and yarns. :)
I didn't have a pattern so just started off with a magic circle and crocheted some circular increasing rows until I had the width of the basket I wanted.
Then I simply stopped increasing and kept crocheting until I reached the height I was after...easy!
I just love the texture it creates and it grows so quickly!  It feels nice and strong and stretchy too.  I found it really easy to work with!
Once I'd reached the height I wanted I added a handle on either side...and then it was done!
Cute huh?  It's the perfect size to sit next to me holding my yarn while I work on my latest projects.  I'm on the hunt for more colours now and have also ordered a thicker t-shirty yarn called Zpagetti which I can't wait to use!  I can see lots more crochet baskets and other fun things being made very soon. :)

Sheree xx


  1. You are so clever, Sheree! Awesome basket!!

  2. It is gorgeous. Once again I will say you are too clever. In awe!! Xox

  3. Easy! It looks scary LOL. But gorgeous :). I love all that colour with the white too, makes you happy just looking at it :).

  4. It's just gorgeous Sheree.

  5. That is so cool Sheree! You are so clever!!

    Cherie xx

  6. I bought a ball of that ages ago, but could not work out what to make with it. Thanks for the awesome idea! :)


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