Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

We woke up to a beautiful day here on the coast so decided to head to the beach for the day.  We bought some fish and chips on the way, finally found a car park and chose a spot on the grass for a picnic lunch.
 Then we headed down to the sand.  We love spending time at Burleigh Beach!
 Here's Ayden ready to hit the surf...
Our three little fish love the water!  They really had a lot of fun...and it was hard to get the out of there at the end of the day!
 Here's Riley and Madi having a quick break before heading back to the water...
 When it was time to head home we stopped into Maccas for ice cream...the perfect way to end the day!

What did you and your family get up to today?  I hope you had a lovely Good Friday!

Sheree xx


  1. Looks like you had an amazing day out at the beach. Ant & I looked at the photo of burleigh & sighed!!! Ahhhh miss home, miss you!!!

    Fish and chips definately a first when we get home. LOL. along with thai for you and me!!

    The kids are growing so fast & look so confident in the beach!!!

    Happy Easter lovely.

    M xxxx

  2. Looks like u guys had an awesome family day!! Perfect weather for fish n chips & the beach!!

  3. What a gorgeous day you had.

    I love all the blythe swap photos too! How gorgeous is everything!


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