Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Swap (Part 2)

Today I'm excited to show you what I was lucky enough to receive from my lovely swap partner Tamar!!!  I had no idea who was sending to me until I met up with Tamar last Friday for morning tea and she handed me a bag full of beautifully wrapped goodies!!!  Such a fun surprise!

We had all decided that we would unwrap our gifts together on Wednesday night and it was SO hard not to peek until then!  I stashed the bag in my craft room and tried to forget they were there...but as soon as Wednesday came around I couldn't resist...I got everything out and put it on my bed ready for unwrapping that night.  Didn't they all look pretty?

 So last night when we all finally got to unwrap our gifts here is what I found...

For Blythe:  A gorgeous dress made by Janelle (The Stitched Bluebird) and a cute cardi and headband by Mel (One Crafty Mumma)...LOVE!!!

For Easter:  Yummy chocolates, adorable bunny figuines and a cute Belle & Boo tin filled with pretty lace!

And just for me:  These smell so beautiful and I can't wait to use them!  A little pampering time coming up that's for sure!

Here is everything all together...
I feel so very lucky and incredibly spoiled!!!!  Thank you SO much Tamar I love absolutely everything!!! xx

A big thanks to Georgie too for organising another fabulous swap.  It really is so much fun putting it all together and seeing what everybody gets to unwrap!  I wonder when we'll be doing our next swap?

Sheree xx


  1. such cute stuff! I love that knit blythe cardigan.

  2. wow what a wonderful present Sheree.
    Aren't these swaps fun?! You deserve all the spoiling. Enjoy!!
    Now where's some photos with your girls in their new clothes. No pressure of course.

    Mel xx


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