Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Swap (Part 1)

Earlier this year you might remember I took part in a Valentines' Swap with some of my lovely twitter friends.  Well we all had so much fun with it that we decided to do an Easter swap too! So we had to put together a parcel that included something for Easter, something for Blythe and something just for them.  We were given the name of the person that we were to send to but we had no idea who would send to fun!

I set about putting some special goodies together for my lovely swap recipient Carissa.  This is what I sent her...

For Blythe:  I knitted a beret and cardigan to go with this super cute dress made by Janelle (The Stitched Bluebird)
 For Easter:  An Easter egg printed tea towel, bunny egg cosy, cute bunny lip gloss and chocolate eggs...
 Just for Carissa:  I made her a journal cover with pen, crocheted a mug cosy and added in a little bundle of fabric, a red bracelet, a cute magnet and a wooden bird from Typo (one of my fave shops ever!!)
 Here it is all together (well except of the bundle of fabric...not sure how I forgot to put it in the pic?)...
 And here is everything all wrapped and ready to be sent off...
I'm very happy to say that Carissa loved her gifts...yay!!!  I loved putting it all together for her. :)

I'll be back tomorrow with part 2 to show you what I received in the exciting!!!

Sheree xx


  1. WOWEE Sheree, everything you have chosen/made for Carissa is SO gorgeous!! I just love looking at everything, so much. I am certain Carissa was thrilled to open the gorgeous presents from you. xx Janelle

  2. so many gorgeous things here lovely. You are such an amazing woman!!!
    Love love love all your handmade stuff, they are my girls favourites for sure!!!

    M xxx


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