Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Photo a Day

A new month means a new list for the Photo a Day challenge....yay!  I'm really enjoying snapping my daily pics!        Thanks to Chantelle for once again providing a great list of prompts.  (You can read about it in her post on her blog HERE.)

Here's what I'll be taking photos of this month...

And here's my first week's worth of photos...

Day 1/Apr 1:  Your Reflection - Ok I really don't like taking pics of myself but I'm playing along! LOL

Day 2/Apr 2:  Colour - Colourful yarn in my basket

Day 3/Apr 3:  Mail - I received a lovely surprise on my doorstep...this fantastic bundle of goodies from my beautiful friend Mel.  It really made my day!

Day 4/Apr 4:  Someone Who Makes You Happy:  Love seeing my three hanging out together!

Day 5/Apr 5:  Tiny - We had this super cute little visitor at our place this week!  We would love to have kept her!

Day 6/Apr 6:  Lunch - Fish and chips down by the beach.  Yum!

Day 7/Apr 7:  Shadow - Madi's shadow!

That's it for this week!  Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Sheree xx


  1. It looks like you have been having wonderful holidays Sheree.....and lots of fun outings too.
    I bet the kids have been loving it too.
    Mardi xx

  2. Love your take on the photo's Sheree, looks like fun holidays at your house!

  3. you are so good keeping up with your photos. I lost it in march. ):
    can't wait for some more scrapping photos too.
    Looks like you had awesome, busy holidays.

    M xxx


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