Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Photo a Day Week 3

Here's this week's photos for April Photo a Day snapped on my iPhone...

Day 15/Apr 15:  Sunset

Day 16/Apr 16:  Flower - A cluster of tiny orange flowers on the bush outside our door.

Day 17/Apr 17:  Something You Don't Like - Traffic and roadworks every day on the school frustrating!

Day 18/Apr 18:  Hair - Finally had my hair cut this week and I kinda like the wavy curls the hairdresser did! Just wish I could manage to do it like this myself every day. LOL

 Day 19/Apr 19:  Orange - That's the colour I'm up to right now on Riley's blanket.
 Day 20/Apr 20:  Something You Drew - Playing with the Draw 4 Free app on my iPad. :)

Day 21/Apr 21:  Bottle - My Bobble drink bottle while watching Ayden play soccer this morning.

That's it for another week of photos!  Back soon with more. ;)

Sheree xx


  1. Oh Sheree I am loving Riley's blanket. The colours you have chosen are so cheery.

  2. Here, here, that's what I wanted to say. Love the colours.

  3. Oh I love your hair and Riley's blanket! I really love the colours - just gorgeous!


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