Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Photo a Day

It's time for another week of March Photo a Day pics!  All pics are snapped on my iPhone. :)

Day 8/Mar 8: Window - The view out of our car window as we went through Maccas drivethru for smoothies after soccer practice.

 Day 9/Mar 9: Red - My little red heart canvas from that shop!

Day 10/Mar 10:  Loud - The boys love their music loud!  I'm forever telling them to turn it down to save their ears.

Day 11/Mar 11:  Someone You Talked To Today - My fave little girl in the whole world!  Can't get enough of that little face. :)

 Day 12/Mar 12:  Fork - Inside our new picnic basket.  We need to go on a picnic now and use it!
 Day 13/Mar 13:  A  Sign - Love this.

Day 14/Mar 14:  Clouds - A very wet, dreary day here on the coast.

Are you playing along with March Photo a Day too?  I'd love to see your pics!!  It's amazing how many people around the world have joined in!

Sheree xx


  1. Sheree I'm pretty impressed with how clear ur shots r with just ur iphone!

  2. Oh Sheree, Madi is SO much like you.

    I love seeing your daily photos.


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