Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Photo a Day Completed!

It's the end of another month...can you believe it?!  The weeks seem to be flying by this year...or is it just me?

Anyway...just wanted to share the remainder of  my March Photo a Day pics.  Feeling pretty happy that I've managed to keep up with my daily pics for three months now...yay!

Day 22/Mar 22:  Kitchen Sink

Day 23/Mar 23: Moon - The kids love this book!

Day 24/Mar 24:  An Animal - The kids love visiting the ducks at the lake.

Day 25/Mar 25:  Breakfast - Bowls of cereal waiting for milk.

Day 26/Mar 26:  Key

Day 27/Mar 27:  Your Name - In Cardmaking, Stamping & Papercraft magazine!

Day 28/Mar 28:  Trash - Our recycling basket

Day 29/Mar 29:  Feet - Ayden's muddy soccer feet

Day 30/Mar 30:  Toy - Madi's LPS Blythe collection
 Day 31/Mar 31:  Where You Relax - Love our comfy recliners!

That's it for March.  Bring on April...yay!  The new list is up and I've got my iPhone ready! :)

Sheree xx

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