Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

I probably should have called this post Paul's Thrifty Thursday since Paul was the one op shopping this past week! LOL He spent a week up in Roma with work and while he was there he did a little browsing.  He's getting so good at finding little treasures!

He picked up this cool 1975 Super 8 movie camera to add to our old camera collection.  It was in its original bag and still has film in it too!  It all seems to be in excellent condition.

We're wondering if there's anything on the film?

He also came home with this teeny tiny gold bird it!

There's a teeny tiny bird inside the cage too and the whole thing is only about 2 inches high!  So cute.

Have you found any little treasures while out shopping this week?

Sheree xx

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