Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photo a Day

It's time to share my Feb Photo a Day pics from this past week.   

Day 8/Feb 8 - Sun:  No sun this afternoon!  It was hiding behind all those dark clouds!

Day 9/Feb 9 - Front Door:  This is ours...and it's raining again!

Day 10/Feb 10 - Self Portrait:  Sneaking a Bananaberry Bash smoothie before picking the kids up from school. YUM! :)

Day 11/Feb 11 - Makes You Happy:  This super cute owl bracelet from lovely Mel (for my birthday last week) is making me very happy!!  Love it so much!

Day 12/Feb 12 - Inside Your Closet:  Here's a little peek inside mine.

Day 13/Feb 13 - Blue:  Some of my fave blue vintage fabrics from my stash.

Day 14/Feb 14 - Heart:  It's Valentine's Day! This was a raspberry and white chocolate tart that Paul and I had for desert at lunch today.  Delicious!

I'll be back next week with another batch! :)

Sheree xx

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  1. You're doing so well with the photos Sheree! Love seeing them :-)


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