Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Photo A Day

I'm continuing on with my Photo A Day pics thanks to the new March list over on Chantelle's blog. :)

Here's this month's list...

Day 1/Mar 1:  Up - Looking up through the trees this afternoon we could still see the moon up in the sky.
 Day 2/Mar 2:  Fruit - Fruit salad and yoghurt for lunch...yum!
 Day 3/Mar 3:  Your Neighbourhood - Looking down our street.
Day 4/Mar 4:  Bedside - An old Mollie Makes mag, my fave journal cover made by lovely Mardi, a lamp, photo frame, water carafe and my boring old clock.
 Day 5/Mar 5:  A Smile

Day 6/Mar 6:  5pm - Our bird Charlie is being very loud chatting to the birds outside!

Day 7/Mar 7:  Something You Wore - A green top and my bird necklace.

That's the first week complete!  I'll be back next week with more pics. :)

Sheree xx

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