Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Favourites...Happy Birthday Madi!!

Madi turned 5 this week!  Seems like only yesterday we were bringing our little baby girl home from hospital and here she is starting school and becoming a big girl!  We woke up early and she opened her presents before getting ready for school.

Here she is with her new Prairie Posie Blythe and her new Lalaloopsie Little.  She LOVES them!  She also got a Lalaloopsy DS game, a cute new dress from us and some lovely jewellery from her Nanna & Poppy. :)  She was one very happy birthday girl!

Off she went to school with cupcakes in hand ready to share with her class.  When we picked her up she'd had a lovely day!  There was also another lovely package waiting for her when she got home...

from her best friends Livvy, Lucia and Georgia!  Such a nice surprise!!  (Thankyou Mel! xx)

We got changed and headed to the see the other thing Madi reeeeaaaalllly wanted for her birthday was to get her ears pierced! She's been asking to get them done for well over a year now so we finally caved.  She was SO excited!!!!  Here she is waiting in the chair (wearing her new birthday dress)...

We were a little worried about how she would go but she was SO good!!!  There were no tears...she didn't even flinch!  And just when we thought her smile couldn't get any bigger...just take a look at her face afterwards!

Sorry this pic is a little blurry..but here she is proudly showing off her lovely new earrings...

They look so cute on her little ears. :)  The hairdresser sprayed her hair all glittery to make her feel extra special too.

We then went for dinner at the Promenade (Madi's choice).  The kids love it there as there's lots of restaurants to choose from and a great play area for them to run around and have fun.

Then it was home for Madi's icecream cake (her cake of choice)....YUM!

And that was how our Madison spent her 5th birthday!   I'm still in denial that she's growing up so fast. LOL

Sheree xx


  1. Oh sheree she looks so grown up!! Where did that time go.
    How brave was she. Don't think I will show liv her ears pierced. Ago glad she loves her pressies the girls picked them for her. Miss you guys all so much. Happy birthday sweet madi!!! Looks like she had an awesome day!!!
    Love M xxxx

  2. PS prairie is beautiful and I lover her name Hee hee

  3. Awwww! Madi looks SO happy Sheree & she was very brave. So glad she had a wonderful birthday. It's Danan's 5th in a couple of weeks... why do our babies have to grow up?????

  4. Happy Birthday Madi! It sounds like a perfect Birthday for a sweet little/big girl.

  5. Happy Birthday to Madi!! That is one huge smile about those ears being pierced. Gorgeous!

  6. It certainly looks as though she had an absolute, fabulous day!! Happy Birthday Madi!!

  7. It sounds like Madi had a great bday!! She looks like a beautiful princess with her ears pierced!

  8. She's looking so grown up Sheree!

  9. LOL, that is a BIG grin!! Happy Birthday Madi!


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