Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb Photo A Day Completed!

I've completed the second month of Photo a Day...yay!!!  Here's the rest of my daily pics for February...

Day 22/Feb 22:  Where You Work - The desk in my craft room.

Day 23/Feb 23:  Your Shoes

Day 24/Feb 24:  Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet - This is some of what you'll find in mine.

Day 25/Feb 25: Green - Love my set of green glasses!  They were an op shop find a while back.
 Day 26/Feb 26:  Night - Late night crochet

Day 27/Feb 27:  Something You Ate - Mmmm...strawberries!
 Day 28/Feb 28:  Money - My cute owl money box
 Day 29/Feb 29:  Something You're Listening To - Madi 'reading' me a book while waiting for the boys to finish their tennis training.  She tells an interesting story! LOL

There's a new list for March Photo a Day so I'll be continuing on with taking my daily pics! Yay!  Love capturing snapshots of the everyday. :)

Sheree xx

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  1. Oh gorgeous green glasses and gorgeous madi. we love charlie and lola at our place too.


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