Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Since I've got a few works in progress projects left over from last year (and no doubt I'll start a few more this year) I thought I might blog about them each Wednesday to share how I'm going with each of them.  It might just motivate me that little bit more to keep going and finish them off too!

Back in November my lovely friend Mardi put out the call for a vintage fabric swap.  She had found the most amazing vintage square quilt in an op shop earlier in the perfect for her and looks beautiful in her bedroom...and she thought everyone should have their very own.  Well...lots of us eagerly put our hands up, cut up loads of squares from vintage fabrics we had in our stash and sent them off to her.  She then had the enormous job of sorting the thousands of squares that arrived in her letterbox before sending us back a lovely pile of mixed vintage squares each.  (You can see Mardi's blog posts about the swap HERE and read about what a mammoth task it was for her HERE.  Thanks again Mardi for all your hard work!)

I was so excited when my pile of vintage fabric goodness arrived on my doorstep!

I've since added a few more squares to my pile from my own stash and I've been searching our local op shops for more vintage fabrics or vintage sheets but they're SO hard to find here!  I'll keep searching...

Yesterday I laid them all out and shuffled them about to see how my vintage quilt is going to look.

There are so many beautiful old fabrics in there! I love that these squares come from crafty friends all over Australia and from overseas!  Don't they look so lovely all mixed in together?

I haven't had time to start sewing yet but here's my pile all sorted into their row bundles.  I might just add a few more squares yet (if I can find some more vintage fabric) to make it a little bigger. ;)

So that's where I'm at with my vintage square quilt.  I hope to get to my sewing machine soon!

Sheree xx

ps.  Were you involved in Mardi's swap?  If so I'd love to see your fabrics or quilt so far!


  1. It will look amazing. Can't wait to see it & also start mine. (:

    M xxx

  2. Wot a great idea to do the swap! It will look amazing when it ios finished! Can't wait to c the progress!

  3. Oh wow it looks beautiful all laid out like that! I so loved this swap! It was so exciting receiving a bundles of squares! I haven't got any further than cutting out some more so I now have the desired amount. I'll have to lay them out like you did to see how it looks!


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