Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Paul spent all of last week working up in Toowoomba and while he was there he offered to check out some of the op shops for me before he left there since he knows I'm collecting vintage fabrics and sheets at the moment. What a hubby huh!?

He ended up going to 6 different op shops (!) and brought home a few bags of different fabrics, pillowcases and sheets. He felt a little weird being a guy checking out fabrics but he did such a great job!! Here's some of what he brought home...

Lots of pretty fabrics in there!

Here's some more...

And my most favourite of his finds was this vintage pretty! I love it!!! Just what I was looking for!

I'm still blown away that he even thought about offering to op shop for me...and so impressed by his vintage fabric shopping skills! Feeling pretty lucky to have such a thoughtful hubby. Love him! :)

Sheree xx


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