Saturday, January 28, 2012

Photo a Day

Here's this week's Photo a Day challenge pics snapped on my iPhone this week...

Day 22/Jan 22 - Your Shoes:  Love my red comfy!

Day 23/Jan 23 - Something Old:  My camera collection ranging from 1930's to 1980's.

Day 24/Jan 24 - Guilty Pleasure:  Mmmmm...chocolate...

Day 25/Jan 25 - Something You Made:  Little sewing machine pin cushions I stitched a while ago.

Day 26/Jan 26 - Colour:  My fabric stash

Day 27/Jan 27 - Lunch:  Cheese and tomato on toast...and yes that might be a coke zero up in the corner there...

Day 28/Jan 28 - Light:  My beside lamp

That's this week's pics up to date!  Thanks so much for dropping by!

Sheree xx


  1. I love your photo a day photos. A peek into your world. I am a teensy bit envious of your cameras (love them). LOL. have an awesome week.

    Mel xx

  2. Fabulous pics Sheree, love that camera collection, very cool!

  3. I would love to do the photo-a-day challenge but I know I would never keep it up. I'm gonna try and do an overview of each month and as it's the start of Feb and the kids are back at school I might get a start on that today.
    Love those pin cushions, so sweeet.


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