Saturday, January 7, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge

On the 1 January I joined in the 'Photo A Day Challenge" set by Aussie blogger Chantelle over on her blog.  So far it's been a lot of fun! There are thousands of people all over the world joining in too and sharing their photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. (You might have seen them with the hashtag  #JANphotoaday attached to them.)

The idea is you share a photo a day using the following list as a guide to the theme of your photos each day...

If you'd like to join in too you can find all the details HERE.  It's not too late to start!

I've been sharing my pics on Instagram and Twitter but I thought it'd be fun to post them here on my blog each week too.

Day 1/Jan 1:  You

Day 2/Jan 2 Breakfast:  This is what I have most mornings.

Day 3/Jan 3  Something You Adore:  I love these little faces...can't get enough of them!

Day 4/Jan 4 Letterbox

Day 5/Jan 5 Something You Wore: My fave new necklace! 

Day 6/Jan 6 Makes You Smile:  My lovely little pile of vintage fabrics.  :)

Day 7/Jan 7 Favourite:  My fave colour at the!

That's my photos so far.  I'm also popping them into a handy app on my iPhone called "Project 365".  I hope to keep it going and snap a photo a day all year so I love that I can see them all in one place...

Are you playing along too?  I'd love to see your photos!  I'll be back again next week to share my next lot of pics. :)

Sheree xx


  1. What a fabulous idea! I love your photos too.

  2. Great photos Sheree!! I'll look forward to your weekly update.
    I did project365 a couple of years ago & I love looking back at the photos... I should do it again!


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