Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Favourites

Just sharing my fave family iPhone pics snapped this week!

Monday saw the start of the new school year...which meant Madi started her first year!  She's a proud and very excited little Prep girl now and loving every minute!  The boys weren't so keen on starting school again (enjoying holidays too much) but were happy to be seeing all their friends.

Here are Madi, Ayden and Riley ready to go on their first day...

Madi in the classroom the first morning of Prep just before I left her for the day.  Love that happy face!  So glad and relieved she was so excited about starting school. :)

We celebrated the first day with smoothies and thickshakes on the way home. Yum!

Day 2 of school saw the rain set in here on the Gold Coast ...and it hasn't stopped since!

Umbrellas everywhere and it was a very soggy walk into school.

Other things we got up to since my last photo update were...

A trip to the dentist for checkups for all three kids...

We saw The Muppets at the fun!

And the boys' bowling league started back this week too!

Mostly we've just been trying to stay dry and out of the rain this week.  Looking forward to a little sunshine...whenever it decides to make an appearance!

Hope you've had a great week!

Sheree xx


  1. Oh look at the big girl on her first day of school! She doesn't look one bit scared!

  2. Look at those gorgeous, grown up children of yours. Wow haven't they grown!! Madi looks so excited and so grown up.

  3. Aww Madi looks so excited about school! Great pics of them all. Hope you are coping well without her during the week.

  4. Fabulous Photos!! I love using my i-phone for pics too. Very handy. Now, let's hope the weather dries up a little so we can all get outside to play!! LOL! Have a lovely week..x

  5. Hi Sheree! your photos are great on the iphone and congrats to Madi! Big school girl!!!!!!!!


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