Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Favourites...

Today I'm sharing some of my favourite instagram pics from our school holiday activities this week.  Paul's been busy working so I've been hanging out with the kids at home.  It's been kinda nice not having anything on and to just spend time together and relax.  The kids have been playing and doing all sorts of things to fill in their days.  These were some of the things they got up to...

Ayden and Paul did some science experiments with a kit that Ayden got for Christmas.  They grew crystals which he thought was pretty cool.

Madi and Ayden had a sea battle in the lounge room...

They all had quiet time in the air conditioning during the heat wave this week playing their DS's and the Wii...

There was lots of lego building!

Ice blocks helped us cool down in the heat.  It got to 37 degrees in our house two days this week...and that was with our air con going!  This is a really hot house...

We headed to the shops where the kids spent their pocket money.  This was when we stopped for a drink...

There was lots of bubble fun in the backyard...

Ayden's lovin' his new Aussie umbrella hat! LOL  He thinks it's really cool and now he's ready for Australia Day! :D

They've also done a bit of reading too.  Here's Riley reading his new Nintendo magazine...

There's only one more week left before school starts up again here in Queensland so we'll be making the most of it.  I guess we need to think about covering their school books! Eeek!

Sheree xx


  1. Great photos Sheree!! Everyone's instagram pics make me want to get a fancy new phone so that I can take some too LOL!!

  2. Love these!!! I am missing my iphone!! boo.
    Looks like the kids have had great holidays!!
    MIss hanging out with you guys.

    Me xx

  3. Oh your place looks like fun. Can we come over?

  4. Looks like they have had a lot of fun Sheree :)


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