Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I thought I'd join Janelle and Mardi with a "Thrify Thursday" post this week for a bit of fun!  Madi and I dropped into one of our local op shops the other day and came home with these...

A pair of vintage pillow cases and a wooden handled quick unpick (or seam ripper...whatever you prefer to call it!  I love it!!!)

 This pretty table runner.  I love the yellow flowers!

Some glass plates.  These will really come in handy at Christmas!

 Then as we were heading to the checkout I spied this super cute Holly Hobbie mirror!  I HAD to buy it for Madi's room.  I had loads of Holly Hobbie when I was little.  Madi loves it too and told me "I'm going to look after it forever Mummy since you've lost yours from when you were little!"  Hee hee...What a little sweetie. :)

So they were our finds this week.  Did you find any treasures op shopping this week?

Sheree xx


  1. oooh love those finds especially the pillow cases...mmmmmm. I loved Holly Hobby too I had a puffy style plastic picture for years ;) Hope your well xox

  2. LOVE Holly Hobbie! LOVE what Maddi said about it too:) Love the quick unpick as well. All great finds tho. BE WARNED Sheree...Op shopping is highly addictive;)

  3. Gosh have found some gorgeous treasures....and that Holly Hobbie mirror.... how cute!!!

  4. I loved holly hobby too...i had white knee high sox with holly hobby printed on the side...they were my favourite!!
    Never find anything good in our local OP shops...I will have to search out good ones in other towns.

    Have a great weekend
    Cherie xoxoxoxo

  5. Some great finds Sheree, especially with the mirror!!

  6. I love Holly Hobbie too. I still have my Holly Hobby serving tray from when I was little. It's so faded. How SWEET is Madi. What a darling.


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