Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Swell Sculpture Festival

On Sunday we headed to the beach to check out the Swell Sculpture Festival...a fantastic display of 50 sculptures along the beach at Currumbin.  We never got there last year so this year we didn't want to miss it. It was such a beautiful day for heading to the beach too!

We started our walk with ice cream...yum! 

You can see lots of pics of the sculptures on the official website but here are a few of our faves that we photographed...

This whale sculpture was so cool!  You could only see the whale shape from a certain angle...from the side it just looks like a bunch of wavy poles sticking up out of the sand.

This pic doesn't do this sculpture justice.  It was gorgeous on the sand!

The kids loved this shark...

And this big metal bull with wheels! LOL

Paul's fave was this one.  The colours were just so beautiful...but again the pics doesn't do it justice.

We really enjoyed wandering through and around each one and it was so interesting! I think we'll head there again next year!

Sheree xx


  1. Wow they look so cool! Bet it was a fun day out (but when there is ice cream involved you can never go wrong ;) ).

  2. Wow! That looks so interesting!! The kids would love going around to each and every sculpture checking them out!

    We went to Buloomba Creek, near Charlie Moreland, Kenilworth. Behind the Glass House Mountains. You can go camping at both Buloomba and Charlie Moreland. Hope that info helps..x

  3. Wow the sculptures look awesome!! and it sounds like you had a great day out :)

  4. They look amazing, I love that shark!

    Your card album from your last post is tunning! What a gorgeous idea, and perfect choice of papers :)

  5. Oh I remember seeing the ad for this and thinking must sae the date I really wanted to go....yeah I missed it again, the sculptures look awesome!

  6. I bet you are having an AWESOME family time...lots of memories in the making
    Mardi x


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