Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rainy Day Sewing...

It's been miserable weather here the last couple of days...so windy and rainy!  Today Madi and I  decided it was the perfect day to do a little Blythe sewing.  She really 'needed' some new dresses for her girls apparently! LOL  So we delved into my fabric stash, picked out some cute materials and then, with Madi on official pin duty, we got started.  :)

I'd been meaning to try these cute free patterns found HERE for ages.  First up we made this little a-line dress...

 Since it was a little chilly today we thought we'd better pop her cardi on too...  ;) 

Then we made these cute little Empire Dresses...

Ok...don't look too closely now!  They were a little fiddly but came together really well...and the girls seem to really like their new clothes! ;) 

It's supposed to be raining again tomorrow. We haven't had much rain for a while so it's kinda nice watching the rain while we're cosy and warm inside.  :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

Sheree xx
ps.  I'll be back soon to share some pics of the table runner I've been working on...it's all finished!  YAY!!!


  1. Wowsers they are gorgeous Sheree. Love them. You are so clever. what a perfect way to spend a rainy day!!

    Hope the weather gets better soon.

    Can't wait to see the table runner!!

    Me xxx

  2. They are so cute. Perfect weather for some sewing. I am waitig to see that table runner too :)

  3. Cute, cute! Love the cardi. Looking forward to seeing the tablerunner.

  4. awww how cute Sheree...they are adorable....and your girls look so sweet. I bet it was a lovely day..
    Mardi x

  5. You are too too clever! My Mum used to sew clothes for the barbie dolls my sisters and I had. It's only as an adult that I now appreciate just how darn clever my Mum was to make them.

  6. Wow Sheree, they look amazing! They must be so fiddly to make, you must have very nimble fingers!

  7. Oh they are gorgeous Sheree!!! Thanks for the link to the site too!


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