Thursday, August 4, 2011

Location Location

We've got a new comp happening right now over at Scrapz.Biz...and it's called Location Location!
It's been a lot of fun so far!  I love that this comp is getting us to scrap things we wouldn't normally scrap.  (More info can be found HERE.)

Last week the challenge was "In My Shopping Trolley"...and the hardest (most embarrassing ) part about this one was snapping a pic of your trolley or basket in the supermarket!  Thank goodness for mobile phones though...I snapped my pic on that while noone was watching. LOL

Does anyone else go through what seems like truckload of milk each week?  We go through a LOT of milk at our place...

We also had to include  a shopping docket (I photocopied mine and used it behind my photo)...

a tag (I used a few of those!)...

and we needed to use the word basket or trolley on the page (mine's in my journaling).

This week's challenge is "In My Wardrobe".  (Details can be found HERE is you'd like to join in.)  Here's my sample page...

Yep...I'm one of those people who organises their clothes by colour! LOL  Must be the scrapbooker in me or something. Now come on...surely I'm not the only one? :D

The criteria for this week is to include a pic of your wardrobe...

some felt or fabric (under my flower and at the top of the tag above), a button and a coathanger or peg (I found these cute coathanger paper clips at Kikki that store!)..

and stitching (had that one covered too!).

I love seeing what the girls are coming up with for their entries!  Lots of fun!

I'll be back soon with more...
Sheree xx


  1. Love both of your pages Sheree! Those little coat hangers are SO cute! I'm hoping my mojo returns soon so I can get stuck into the challenges.

  2. I love these pages Sheree!!! They are both fabulous!!!

  3. LOL - you have a lot of red tops! I love that layout. I love that you scrapbooked about milk too! LOL. Tassy and love milk too. Hey, at least it's good for you! We have a cupboard full of long life milk.

  4. Really like both these pages much attention to detail and love all your stitching.
    Gail x

  5. Love your layouts Sheree...I always leave your blog with the urge to scrap.....and I must say the challenges sound fun....maybe just what I need.
    Well Im now a wardrobe colour sorter convert.....Id never done that until recently...and it actually makes it so much easier to find things.
    Mardi x

  6. Sheree these are amazing pages! I love the topics, they will be so much fun to look back on! I adore the design of the cow page, it's perfect!


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