Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Knitting Bug...

Yep...we've caught the knitting bug at our place!  Madi had been asking me for weeks to teach her how to knit.  Being only four I thought she'd be a bit too little to learn the usual style of knitting so I bought one of these for her to start on instead...

When the boys came home and saw it they wanted to learn too!  So I went and bought two more Pea Pods and all three of them have been busily knitting scarves for their fave teddies.  LOL  They've been having so much fun watching their work grow in length!

As for me...well I've been busily knitting for our little Blythe family.

I've been making things like this little top and beret...

And this sweet little top with a crochet flower...

 And this dress...

And this little sweetheart top too...

I've also been knitting cardigans, hats and crocheting some hats too.  However, even though I've made quite a few of these for us and for friends I haven't taken photos of them before sending them off...silly really. 

Most patterns I've found on Ravelry but there are some great patterns to be found just by googling on the web too!  Madi is loving all these new clothes for her girls that's for sure and I'm having lots of fun making them. ;)

Have you been knitting or crocheting lately?  I'd love to hear about!

Sheree xx


  1. Totally adorable outfits Sheree! Will have to put an order in once we choose our Blythe :)

  2. Awesome!! I used to love making those little things your kids are playing with. We did it with a toilet paper roll and toothpicks ;)

    Love your doll clothes!!

  3. Just gorgeous sheree. You are sooo clever. Love them all.

  4. They are so sweet! Madi is one lucky girl to have such a clever mama.

  5. oh you are clever!!! They look fabulous Sheree!!

  6. Sheree I'm so impressed!!! You are so clever. :)

  7. OMG those little outfits are adorable... and how cool are those little knitting bugs. Im definately getting those for my little guys xx

  8. Very adorable Blythe outfits - you have been very busy :) I've been busy crocehting a hexagon baby blanket and beanies. Now I'm looking for something new to try.

  9. Love them Sheree! I just ordered 2 Blythe's one for me and one for Lilly's Birthday. I will have to get knitting! I noticed a lot of the Ravelry patterns said sport weight yarn... is that 4 ply?

    Mel xx

  10. Omg, they are gorgeous, do you sell them?


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