Friday, May 6, 2011

Pickin' Oranges...

On one of our visits to Mallacoota last year the kids had a chance to pick oranges off of Nanna V's big orange tree.  They've never had the opportunity to pick their own fruit before and they got a real kick out of it! LOL  They ended up with a lovely big pile of oranges which we later made into deliciously fresh juice...SO good!

I've had these photos and papers sitting on my desk for a few months now waiting to be scrapped...and I finally sat down and put it together...

I love those happy little faces! :)

My other scrappy share today is only a sneaky peek I'm afraid!  I've set the Scrap It Blind challenge over at Scrapz.Biz this week so can't share the full page just yet...

I have to say these Scrap It Blind challenges have become a favourite with the girls and I really love seeing the different entries coming in each fun!

I hope you've got a lovely Mothers' Day weekend planned!  I'm looking forward to spending the day with Paul and the kids...and I'll be up to visit my Mum too.  :)  Happy Mothers' Day!!

Sheree xx


  1. Love the oranges LO!

    I'm absolutely in love with the SIB challenges - got my sketch on my desk and hopefully will get it done today :)

  2. Love this layout Sheree :).

  3. Gorgeous 'Sheree' layouts!!!.....
    I also wanted to comment on you lovely weekend away looks like you had such a warm and happy family time....which is wonderful. Those little breaks away make memories that last a life time. Our kids now they are older still reminisce those type of trips.

  4. Love the layout Sheree, looks like they had a great time picking oranges.

    Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day xoxo

    Take care
    Cherie xoxox

  5. Gorgeous Layout Sheree.
    Have a great mothers day!!! You deserve to be spoilt!!!

    Me xxx

  6. Yum - what a great memory for them! I remember picking cherries as a kid too - happy times!

  7. Gorgeous! I love your little button orange tree..x


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