Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last week of Scrapz.Uni...and more hexagons...

We've entered our final round (Week 5) of electives over at Scrapz.University. It's been so fun to see all entries popping into the gallery so far...great to see people scrapping things they wouldn't have thought to scrap or haven't got around to getting down on paper before!

After having last week off, my elective this week is 'Medicine'. (You can find all the details of this challenge HERE if you'd like to join in.)

I finally scrapped about Riley's big scary asthma attack that landed him in paediatric ICU last year. (You may remember it from this post HERE.) It was how we found out that he suffers with asthma.

He's been great ever since that episode so hopefully the medication will keep it at bay...fingers crossed! :)

I've typed up the story of that day and it's in the envelope for safe keeping. (Papers, chipboard, etc is Crate Paper School Spirit.)

You can read all about the rules and prizes for Scrapz.University 2011 HERE.

I've been stitching hexagons again over the past few days...working on a cushion cover. I thought I'd share a little peek of how it's looking so far...

Each hexagon is a different fabric so I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea. I'm using blues, greens, pinks and reds...and hoping it's going to look great when I'm done! LOL Still lots of handstitching to go before i can start making it into a cushion. I'll share more progess pics as it grows. ;)

Back soon!
Sheree xx


  1. Your layout looks great Sheree! Well done on scrapping about something that must have been such a terrifying experience for you. :)
    You hexagon pillow is going to look awesome. Love your colour combo. :)

  2. What a super fun idea this is!!! I so wish I had of joined in!! LOL!! Your LO looks gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous Layout Sheree, Love it. Also love that you have scrapped the scary/bad as well.

    I LOVE your cushion it is going to rock. Mmm I think I will take a bit longer to finish mine!!! ha

    Me xx

  4. Gorgeous layout... and your hexis! Just beautiful! I LOVE the colours! Can't wait to see the finished cushion!

  5. loving your mix of colours with your hexies Sheree, they look great.

  6. Love the multi coloured combo with the hexies, Sheree! Can't wait to see your finished cushion.

  7. LOVE that layout!!

    Look forward to seeing the completed cushion!!

  8. Ooh, that must have been a tough one to scrap, but fantastic to have it in your album :)

    I love the look of your hexagon work, it will be amazing!


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