Sunday, February 13, 2011

A hexagon flower...

After seeing this post on Mel Goodsell's blog and seeing the great little tutorial that her clever daughter Bella did there, I had the urge to have a go at sewing some hexagons. I sat down last night, cut my fabric out of some scraps I had sitting on my desk and it wasn't too long before I'd finished my very first hexagon flower! :)

I decided to pop it onto a journal cover. I've made heaps of journal covers (using Janelle's journal cover pattern as a base) but have given each one away as this one I've decided to keep just for me. I really love how it turned out!

I'm all inspired now to make a cushion out of hexagons...especially after seeing the pics Melissa had included in her post. I'll get started on that soon. :)

Thanks for dropping by!
Sheree xx


  1. LOVE it!! Well done, it looks fantastic, and I would keep it for myself too!!

  2. Sheree your journal looks awesome, clever you sewing the hexagon flower :)

  3. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, love it. Happy you are keeping it for yourself!!!

    M xx

  4. Totally fantastic Sheree! You're so clever. :)

  5. Love the hexes Sheree, they are addictive aren't they?

  6. That is just gorgeous, so glad you kept it for yourself you deserve something sweet... I love the cover you made for me xoxo

    Love the photo of Madi in the wig in a previous post...oh so cute!!!

    Love your present from Paul...very nice!

    Have a great week,
    Cherie xoxox

  7. beautiful Sheree! My girls have these hexi flowers on some of their tops too. A simple way to jazz up a plain top. Can't wait to see your pillow.

    PS Did you see the bathmat that Karlyn made me for Christmas??

  8. Don't blame you for keeping it, looks fantastic!!

  9. This is adorable Sheree...and Im so thrilled you are keeping this one for yourself.
    I also wanted to comment on firstly....your beautiful cards in the earlier!!
    ...and that seriously beautiful necklace that Paul got you for your birthday....thats so sweet...I adored it.
    Mardi x

  10. Oh wow, this is totally beautiful - love love!!! Thanks for playing along Sheree :)

  11. gorgeous I want to make one too!!!

  12. Totally adorable....I popped over from Melissa's blog and go glad I you layouts and sewing projects.
    Micayla x


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