Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday girls!!!

There have been two birthday girls at our place in the last week or so. Madi turned 4...and I had a birthday too. :)

Happy 4th birthday Madi! Where on earth did the last 4 years go? She's growing up way too fast for my liking...

She got lots of beautiful presents...lucky girl..including dress ups, Dora guitar, Lalaloopsy dolls, little LPS Blythe dolls, a scooter, etc. She did VERY well! :) She had her favourite friends come to play for the afternoon. We had a little party with them, then later that night we had ice cream cake with Paul and the boys. She had a great day! Here are a few quick pics...

Madi as Cinderella....don't you love that wig? LOL

Her new Lalaloopsy dolls...aren't they the cutest? Their names are "Pillow Feathered" and "Jewel Sparkle".

More cuteness....her little LPS Blythe dolls and their pets. :)

A little party with the girls...

One happy birthday girl...

There's loads more photos I could share but I guess that'll do it for now. :)

My birthday was so lovely. I woke up to 3 little voices singing the birthday song followed by pancakes that Paul yummy! Had such a relaxing day!

Just look at this gorgeous necklace I got from Paul and the kids... I adore it!!!

Paul ordered it from HERE - Lisa Leonard Designs. I'll be wearing it every day!

Paul had also painted my scraproom chair for me for my birthday too. I'd been wanting a red chair for my room for AGES...then when we visited Paul's parents at Christmas time Paul's Mum offered this one to me. It was bought for her when she was little by her dad when she was at school...since then it's certainly had a LOT of use...most recently it had been used as a painting stool! I love that this chair has lots of family history...and just look at how fabulous it looks now! It went from this... this! Paul did such a great job...doesn't it look fantastic? I love it!

(So happy I can now say goodbye to the enormous ugly black office chair I've been using all this time. :P)

Mum and Dad came down for the day, then stayed for the night so Paul and I could go out for dinner and a movie. We went to teppanyaki for our meal. It was the first time we'd been and it was delicious!!! We'll be back there soon. We saw The Green Hornet in 3D at the movies...a boys movie I know but we enjoyed it!

Thanks so much for all the lovely birthday wishes that were emailed and left on facebook helped make my day extra special! xx

Ok...I've rambled enough. Back soon!

Sheree xx


  1. so many things in one post!!! LOL
    Madi looks so gorgeous (& hilarious( in that wig. So glad she had a great birthday. the girls had a ball.
    Love your necklace and chair. (I want one, necklace that is lol) SO glad you got spoilt you totally deserve it!!!

    Me xxx

  2. I LOVE that pic of Madi in the wig. Hilarious! Sounds like the Forcier girls had great birthdays... Your red chair is beautiful Sheree.

  3. So glad you and Madi both had wonderful birthdays. She looks like she had a wonderful day. Your new necklace is stunning! I think I want one too. The chair looks amazing in red!

  4. Sounds like both birthday girls got spoilt. LOVE that necklace!!!

  5. Happy Happy Belated birthday to you and to Madi!!!

    She looks like she had a fabulous day! Wig and all! LOL!

    I love your chair! The RED is gorgeous. Now all you have to do is share photos of the rest of your scrap space! ;)

  6. Wow, Paul is a fantastic present giverer!!


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