Friday, January 28, 2011

Back to school...and kindy!

It's been a big week! The boys went back to school on Monday. Thankfully they're both happy with their new teachers and classmates. :) They've both had a fantastic start to their school year!

Then on Thursday Madi started kindy (Preprep) for the very first time.

She was SO happy to finally be going to kindy. She was all smiles as I left her that morning...what a relief! When I picked her up she'd had a wonderful day and apparently "loves her kindy!".

I think we're in for a great year...fingers crossed! ;)

Sheree xx


  1. Gorgeous pics! Hope everyone has a great school & kindy year!

  2. Oh look at them!! They grow up so fast don't they.Looks so cute in their uniforms.
    So glad Madi is so happy and Riley and Ayden settled in too!!
    Hope they have a great year. Liv is going to miss Madi lots.

    Love Me xx

  3. So glad they all were happy! I can't believe Madi is old enough to go already!


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