Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Riley's asthma scare...

We've just had a long, scary few days that I hope we never have to go through again...

Friday morning I took Riley to the doctor. He wasn't well and we thought maybe he had a chest infection. As soon as the doctor listened to his chest he sent us straight to Emergency at our local hospital. In the 5 minute drive from the doctor to the hospital Riley fell asleep and I couldn't wake him up. I carried him inside with Madi and Ayden in tow (I was freaking out and bursting into tears by this stage) and they took us straight through. He was barely breathing! They managed to bring him round and went to work on him with oxygen, drugs, etc....apparently he had a viral infection that triggered an asthma attack! (We didn't know he had asthma...it was VERY scary!!!) Poor little man...

He tried so hard to be brave! He had a couple of iv's put in and had to cope with having oxygen masks, etc which he'd never seen before. I had to call Paul home as he was working 2 1/2 hours drive away. While we waited for him to arrive my Dad came to pick up Madi and Ayden to take them home and the doctor decided we needed to be transferred to the Mater Children's Hospital in Brisbane (about an hour away). So Riley got his first ride in an ambulance and we ended up in the Paediatric ICU for the night. He was a very sick little boy but all the nurses and doctors who looked after him were amazing. Here he is the next morning just before we were transferred from ICU to the ward....poor little sweetie!

He had to stay on oxygen (he needed lots) the whole time to keep his levels right (along with Ventolin, etc).

To cheer him up Paul went and bought him a Nintendo DS on Saturday before he came back to see us. Riley's been saving his pocket money for AGES to buy one and he was over the moon!!! (Here he is the morning we were going home...and looking a whole lot better!)

It really helped put a smile on his face and he didn't stop playing it the whole time we were there.

We came home on Monday afternoon once he was able to come off the oxygen and he'll be home the rest of the week. As least we now know that he has asthma and we have a treatment plan to hopefully keep it under control from now on. We're so happy to have him home again and feeling like his old self!

Ok...now that I've got that all down I do have a layout to share while I'm here...

Round 2 of the Scrap That Ad comp is up over at Scrapz.Biz. (Details can be found HERE.) This one's based on the Vegemite Ad....which worked out well since I'd been meaning to scrap about Riley's love for the stuff for ages! Here's my sample...
And some closeups...

Well...I think this post is long enough and I'm tired. Hope you're having a great week! :)

Sheree xx


  1. Oh Sheree soo scary what a brave boy he is!!! And his mama too!! So glad he is ok. I am sure he will play his DS lots!! He deserved it.

    Great layout as always. Chat soon.

    Me xxx

  2. Oh my god, I am so sorry that was such an awful ordeal, I would have been in hysterics, oh your poor little boy, thank goodness he is okay, wow the look on his face with his new DS is just gorgeous. Praying you are getting some sleep and all will be okay. Melxx

    Gorgeous layout by the way.

  3. Oh my Sheree how awful, that would of been so scary for you, poor Riley.

    Glad to see the smile on his face with hs new DS, he deserved it for sure.

    Glad he is home and that you are now aware of his asthma and will be able to manage it.

    Sending heaps of love up to you all,
    Take care
    Cherie xoxox

  4. Hi, Im a lurker on your blog.. love your scrapbooking.
    What a frightening time you and your son have been through. I hope he is recovering well now. Best wishes.

  5. Oh Sheree you poor thing. I am so glad Riley felt better quickly.
    Love your layout...as always.
    Take care of your little man.

  6. Oh Wow Sheree, can't imagine how frightened you were by everything that was happening to Riley, so pleased he is on the mend and i'm sure he thinks its all worthwhile now he has his DS.

    Take care

    Leeanne xxx

  7. awwww he's such a cutie pie Sheree, even when he's obviously not well.

    Glad he's on the mend now.

    Love your STA example :D.

  8. Sheree that must have been so scary for you, so glad your little man is at home and much better.xx love your layout too!

  9. OMGosh hunnie, what a massive scare you all had, I am so glad that Riley is feeling much better now, what a huge relief. Thinking of you all xoxox

  10. Sheree, I have been trying to email you to check up on Riley, have you changed your email address?

    Cherie xx

  11. Hi again, sorry I can't reply by email as Im not at home and I can't seem to send emails but I can receive them???

    Glad to hear Riley is getting on much better.

    I will email you back at the end of the week when I get home.

    Cherie xx


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