Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A fantastic new class...

We've got a gorgeous new class open for registration over at the @Home site! You'll love it! It's so full of creative ideas and inspiration from the very talented Gigi Kennedy. I had so much fun creating samples for this one. Here's what Kim has to say about it...

Here @Home we're thrilled to welcome Gigi from New York City as a Guest Tutor in her first online class with us called Crepe Paper, Ribbon and Trims.
It's truly a beautifully designed class loaded with ideas, techniques, samples and style!

Gigi shows us how to incorporate trim and ribbons into our work as well as guide us step by step in how to add a crepe paper photo frame to your page.

This class is loaded up with content, and we wanted to unveil each little tidbit progressively over a number of days so you have time to read and absorb and try the ideas rather than be hit with a whole lot of content in one big hit! There's TWO layout step by step projects, mini projects, samples, tips and techniques and lots of Support Team samples as well.

The class will run from 22-26 June 2010 with daily uploads and the classroom will then remain open until 1 August 2010.

You can read more about the class here.

And more about Gigi here.

Oh and for blog readers we have a special EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT OFFER. Use the code GIGIFREE in the left hand side Redemption Code area as you go through checkout to receive a $5 discount on your workshop fee. The offer expires 23 June 2010 so hurry to take advantage of the discounted price.

If you'd like to register for this class just click HERE and don't forget to use that discount code to get your $5 discount! :)
Sheree xx

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