Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two Little Runners and a Crazy Straw Smile...

I know...a weird title for this post...but it's hard coming up with something different every time! LOL

Today the boys had their cross country carnivals at school. It was Riley's first and he was pretty keen! (It was called cross country but the preps only had to run 1 lap of the oval.) Here he is as they took off from the start line...

Looks pretty happy about it doesn't he? Well unfortunately as he rounded the first corner and he realised the other boys were passing him he lost all confidence and got a bit upset. He did finish his lap though with his teacher. We were very proud of him for sticking at it and finishing the race! It was the first time he's ever done a long distance run...poor little man... I think it was a bit of a shock to the system! I hope he has more faith in himself next year.

Later in the morning it was Ayden's year level's turn. This time they had a 2 lap run as well as a whole range of fun activities like the egg & spoon race, sack races, etc. They all had a lot of fun! I love that our school really focuses on participation and having fun with sport...especially in the younger year levels. Ayden did great! I got some really great pics but can't share them here since there are so many other kids in the shots...but I did get this one...

He won the Honorable Sportsperson award for his year level and house! He was SO proud of himself..and so were we! :) The award is in recognition of full participation and effort throughout the carnival, support of other students and showing excellent team spirit, behaviour, enthusiasm and attitude! GO AYDEN!!!

Now for this week's Sketch Challenge over at Scrapz.Biz. (If you'd like to enter the challenge for a chance to win one of two weekly prizes just click HERE for details.) Here's my sketch...

And here's my sample's of Madi in the back seat of the car with her fun crazy straw that we picked up on our travels last funny! LOL

Also before I go...don't forget this...

Are you going to be home this Friday night? Why not join us? It's going to be a load of fun! Spaces are filling fast so hurry and book now! You'll find more details HERE. Hope to see you there!

Ok...I've just realised how late it is...whoops! I'm off to bed. Hope you're having a great week!

Sheree xx


  1. Way to go boys, what champions.

    HEHEHEHEHE I almost wet myslef from laughing so hard at Madi and her straw. That is just too funny

    Leanne xx

  2. Well done Forcier team!!! What a great day you must of had!!

    LOL! That straw is hilarious! What a great shot and another stunning lo!

  3. Yeah Ayden and Riley so clever!! Riley will find something he loves and do it well!!!

    Love that LO!! Too cute!!!

    Friday night live looks awesome!!!

    Me xxxoo

  4. Well done to Ayden and Riley, they both did a fantastic job...

    Love the layout and that photo of madi is a crack up...too funny!

    Have fun Friday night, I am sad I will miss it, hope there is another onw soon.

    Have a lovely wekend
    Cherie xx

  5. that straw is priceless sheree.
    I was never a good I can very much relate to all the others running past Riley LOL.

  6. ROFL the straw is so funny!!!!

    And well done boys! Tassy had her cross country recently and she walked most of it, lol. Not too sporty... even tho she does Little Athletics, lol.

  7. OMGosh that straw cracks me up!


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