Friday, May 28, 2010

A bit of crochet...

You probably don't remember but last winter I decided to teach myself to crochet (it was in this post HERE.). Both my Nanna's used to crochet and made the most beautiful blankets...but unfortunately they both passed away when I was young...too young to want to learn how to do it. So...with the help of some great You Tube tutorials and a book I started my very first blanket! I thought it'd be kinda nice to see my blanket all folded on the shelf with the blankets my Nannas made. :)

I never got to finish it last year (living in Queensland it just got too hot to sit and crochet!) so with the weather getting cooler here again I dug it out again a few weeks ago and finally finished it off. YAY! I even added a nice edging to it with the help of this great tutorial. Anyway, I thought I'd share some pics...

Now I've taught my Mum how to crochet too. She's always been a fantastic knitter but had never tried crochet. She's now onto her second blanket!

I've been wanting to make Madi a cute hat with a flower on it for ages and with the help of this free pattern she now has one! (Thanks again for the link Mardi xx) She's put her order in for red one too. :)

I'm really enjoying having something to do while I'm sitting on the couch watching tv (when I'm not scrapping that is!)

I don't have much to share scrapwise (is that even a word? LOL) at the moment. This week I set the Scrap It Blind challenge at Scrapz.Biz (instructions can be found here) so I can't show you that layout for a few more days. I've been working on other DT stuff too...all still to come!

Hope you've had a great week! I'm outta a nice hot cuppa calling me. :) Thanks so much for popping in!

Sheree xx


  1. Love love love it all you are soooo clever!!

    I have wanted hats like that for the girls for Yonkers but was trying to find someone who crocheted!! *wink*
    was going to be lazy & just buy them lol!! You will have to teach me now!!! I need something to do in winter!!!

    Have an awesome week you creative woman!!!

    Me xx

  2. Oh Sheree, that is just lovely, I love the colours... I have 2 crochet blankets made by my great grand mar and I love them... I wish I was as clever you and could crochet!
    How cute is Madi with her hat sweet

    Have a great weekend
    Cherie xx

  3. Oh you clever girl. I've always wanted to try that. Can you come here and teach me??? Love the hat, it's so cute

  4. Mmmm! Just gorgeous! I think you have inspired me to dust off the crochet needles! hee hee... My Mum taught me to crochet when I was about 6! Yes! It is definitely time to give it another go!!

  5. Awww...gorgeous crochet Sheree....your blanket is so snuggly and perfect....and Madi's hat is beautiful.... she looks so cute in it...(glad the link was useful....mwah)
    Mardi x

  6. Great blanket Sheree, well done on teaching yourself, I tried at christmas and was not as successful. Love the little beanie too.

  7. I am so envious of your crochet ability! I have tried a few times to learn but I just can't get it. I can knit but I am yet to master crochet! Your blanket looks great! Excellent choice of colours! Reminds me of strawberries! Madi's hat is so cute! She looks like she loves it!

  8. I just love your colour choice! I'd call it 'apple pie' - perfectly cheery to keep you warm on those cool nights. Well done chickie! I'm going to give the skull cap a go for Alesia - thanks for the link :)

  9. SOOOOO gorgeous! I love to crochet in winter...I love that the more I crochet the warmer I get ;)

  10. Oh my gosh you are clever Sheree. I absolutely love that blanket and the little hat is just too sweet. I have started to teach myself to crochet but I am a long way off do anything as extravagant as this....but it gives me hope :)

  11. I'm so impressed with your rug Sheree. It's so neat and just gorgeous! Madi's hat is gorgeous too and doesn't she look pretty thrilled! lol

  12. Good Morning. :o)
    I am so glad to have found your blog this morning! I am learning to crochet and working on a granny square right now. :o) All the links you have posted to have been super helpful. Your crocheting is just beautiful!
    Have a great day.
    Sincerely, Trish


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