Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Afternoon tea, a layout and an anniversary card...

Hi everyone!

Today I had the most wonderful the Prep Mother's Day Afternoon Tea with Riley.

When I arrived Riley led me into his classroom, sat me down and asked me how I'd like my cup of tea...which he then went and made for me (with a little help from one of his teachers) and presented me with a yummy choc chip cookie they'd made in class earlier. Then we drew a picture together, read a book did some puzzles, he showed me a lovely picture of me that he'd drawn...and then the best thing of all was watching Riley sing "My Girl" with his class.

Now I know watching your child sing a song with the class would be a lot of fun for any Mum...but you see, Riley has NEVER joined in to sing a song (let alone do the actions)with his class...It was a constant issue right through Kindy (he was the only one who sat out of his Kindy Christmas concert) and even this year it's been a struggle but his confidence has been gradually improving...and today I can't tell you how proud I was to see him standing up there with the biggest grin on his face while he sang and did every action...and loved every minute of it! My cheeks hurt from smiling and yep...I got the teary eyes too. Seriously it was the best Mother's Day present I could've asked for!!! :)

Now for a little scrapping... This layout is my sample page for the "Scrap It Blind" challenge that's been running for the past week over at Scrapz.Biz. It's been so fun to see everyone's pages popping in the gallery!

This week's challenges are now going up and it was my turn to set the Noteworthy Challenge. (Details of the challenge and how to enter can be found HERE.) I created this for my Mum & Dad who are celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary this month! I wanted to create a special keepsake to mark the occasion and came up with this photo card.

Inside I've included one of their wedding photos along with a photo of them now.

I'll write a little message to them on the back. Isn't 40 years an amazing achievement!? I love these photos...

(Love you Mum & Dad!!! Happy Anniversary!!! xxxxxx)

I think that's about it for now.... I've probably forgotten something though... LOL I hope you're enjoying your week...and have a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday! Hope a little spoiling comes your way. :) Thanks for dropping by!

Sheree xx


  1. Oh Sheree it made me teary, with Riley & the anniversary card. What an awesome post!! Awesome Riley.

    Congratulations to your Mum and Dad what an achievement.

    Gorgeous card & layout. Awesome as usual!!! Happy Mothers Day beautiful woman. You are awesome.

    Me xx

  2. Sheree your story of Riley getting up singing and doing the actions made me teary too, I know how proud you would be of him. Well done to him, thats a great effort.

    The Anninversay photo card is hust gorgeous, congrats to your Mum and Dad xoxoxo

    Have a great Mothers day,

    Cherie xoxox

  3. Oh wow you must be so proud of Riley :) What a fabulous boy you have there. Your anniversary card is awesome, 40 years is a fantastic achievement. Love the layout too :)

  4. That anniversary photo card is gorgeous! Cute layout too :)

  5. Oh how wonderful!!! I'm so glad you had a lovely time with Riley! Hee hee... kids are the cutest!

    And a big congrats to your Mum and Dad too! What an achievement!

  6. Your boy is just the cutest, you would have been so proud. Happy Anniversary to your Mum and Dad that is a special acheivement. The layout and card are both gorgeous

  7. Whta a wonderful Mothers day surprise Sheree....and well done Riley...
    Love your anniversary card....its just beautiful...and such a lovely keepsake with the two photos side by side too...
    Mardi x

  8. It's my parents' 40th in two months! I just love the card.

    How beautiful that Riley sang!!! You must have been bursting with pride!

  9. Your special afternoon tea with Riley sounds amazing, you must have been SO proud!
    beautiful card, love the photos inside, congrats to your mum and dad! 40 years is indeed an awesome acheivement!
    Happy Mother's day!

  10. sounds like riley gave the best mothers day present of all. What a proud mum you must have been.


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