Friday, May 28, 2010

A bit of crochet...

You probably don't remember but last winter I decided to teach myself to crochet (it was in this post HERE.). Both my Nanna's used to crochet and made the most beautiful blankets...but unfortunately they both passed away when I was young...too young to want to learn how to do it. So...with the help of some great You Tube tutorials and a book I started my very first blanket! I thought it'd be kinda nice to see my blanket all folded on the shelf with the blankets my Nannas made. :)

I never got to finish it last year (living in Queensland it just got too hot to sit and crochet!) so with the weather getting cooler here again I dug it out again a few weeks ago and finally finished it off. YAY! I even added a nice edging to it with the help of this great tutorial. Anyway, I thought I'd share some pics...

Now I've taught my Mum how to crochet too. She's always been a fantastic knitter but had never tried crochet. She's now onto her second blanket!

I've been wanting to make Madi a cute hat with a flower on it for ages and with the help of this free pattern she now has one! (Thanks again for the link Mardi xx) She's put her order in for red one too. :)

I'm really enjoying having something to do while I'm sitting on the couch watching tv (when I'm not scrapping that is!)

I don't have much to share scrapwise (is that even a word? LOL) at the moment. This week I set the Scrap It Blind challenge at Scrapz.Biz (instructions can be found here) so I can't show you that layout for a few more days. I've been working on other DT stuff too...all still to come!

Hope you've had a great week! I'm outta a nice hot cuppa calling me. :) Thanks so much for popping in!

Sheree xx

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pieces of Me by Janelle Wind...

My beautiful and super talented friend Janelle is about to release her very first book! If you've ever seen her work you'll know this is going to be jam-packed with gorgeous projects.

Just take a look at the cover and you'll see what I mean...
For more details about the book you can check out her blog HERE. You can also preorder your copy now over at Kim Archer Workshops @Home HERE. I know you'll want a copy!!!! I can't wait for mine to arrive!

Sheree xx

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two Little Runners and a Crazy Straw Smile...

I know...a weird title for this post...but it's hard coming up with something different every time! LOL

Today the boys had their cross country carnivals at school. It was Riley's first and he was pretty keen! (It was called cross country but the preps only had to run 1 lap of the oval.) Here he is as they took off from the start line...

Looks pretty happy about it doesn't he? Well unfortunately as he rounded the first corner and he realised the other boys were passing him he lost all confidence and got a bit upset. He did finish his lap though with his teacher. We were very proud of him for sticking at it and finishing the race! It was the first time he's ever done a long distance run...poor little man... I think it was a bit of a shock to the system! I hope he has more faith in himself next year.

Later in the morning it was Ayden's year level's turn. This time they had a 2 lap run as well as a whole range of fun activities like the egg & spoon race, sack races, etc. They all had a lot of fun! I love that our school really focuses on participation and having fun with sport...especially in the younger year levels. Ayden did great! I got some really great pics but can't share them here since there are so many other kids in the shots...but I did get this one...

He won the Honorable Sportsperson award for his year level and house! He was SO proud of himself..and so were we! :) The award is in recognition of full participation and effort throughout the carnival, support of other students and showing excellent team spirit, behaviour, enthusiasm and attitude! GO AYDEN!!!

Now for this week's Sketch Challenge over at Scrapz.Biz. (If you'd like to enter the challenge for a chance to win one of two weekly prizes just click HERE for details.) Here's my sketch...

And here's my sample's of Madi in the back seat of the car with her fun crazy straw that we picked up on our travels last funny! LOL

Also before I go...don't forget this...

Are you going to be home this Friday night? Why not join us? It's going to be a load of fun! Spaces are filling fast so hurry and book now! You'll find more details HERE. Hope to see you there!

Ok...I've just realised how late it is...whoops! I'm off to bed. Hope you're having a great week!

Sheree xx

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Riley's Award, a Layout and a Mother's Day Card

So did you have a lovely Mother's Day? I sure did. I felt very spoiled by Paul and the kids! Paul did have to work all day but I still got pancakes for brekkie, lots of gorgeous prezzies, Mum & Dad came for lunch, then we had Thai for dinner. It was great! I hope you had a wonderful day too whatever you got up to. :)

Before I share some scrapping I just had to tell you about Riley's very first assembly award! After his awesome effort at the Mother's Day Afternoon Tea last week, his teacher decided to give him an award. He had no idea he was getting it, but thankfully Mrs Michaels let us know so we could be there to see it. Just look at his face when his name was read out!
And here he is standing up the front of assembly very proudly showing off his certificate! (He's looking at me in these pics...Paul took the photos from a different angle.)

We're so proud of you Riley! xxx :) for some scrapping. I've set the What's Cooking challenge for this week over at Scrapz.Biz. (Details of the challenge can be found HERE.) Here's my sample...

I've used Crate Paper Brook papers for this one. I love this photo of Ayden taken on his 6th birthday (I'm a little behind on scrapping birthday pics! LOL) Inside the Maya Road envelope are more photos taken on the day. Here's a couple of closeups...

I also thought I'd share the Mother's Day card I made for my Mum this year. She loved it! :)

I used tissue paper for the flower centres and stuck them to punched scalloped circles. Too easy!

Well...I'm off to watch some tv and laze on the couch for the rest of the night. Thanks so much for dropping by! :)

Sheree xx

Friday Night Live...

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

You can read all about it HERE and HERE! I hope you'll join us! Be quick to secure your spot as places are limited. It'll be great to see you there! :)

Sheree xx

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Crinkle Ribbon and Flowers...

Scrapz.Biz has just received a shipment of the new Crinkle Ribbon and Crinkle Flowers from the US! Here's a sampling of the colours available...
The ribbons come in 3 yard lengths and you can use it as is or iron it straight. The flowers come in packs of 3. If you'd like to be one of the first to get your hands on some you can check out the other colours and prices HERE. Be quick as these are expected to fly out the door!!! They've been selling out all over the US!
Sheree xx

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Afternoon tea, a layout and an anniversary card...

Hi everyone!

Today I had the most wonderful the Prep Mother's Day Afternoon Tea with Riley.

When I arrived Riley led me into his classroom, sat me down and asked me how I'd like my cup of tea...which he then went and made for me (with a little help from one of his teachers) and presented me with a yummy choc chip cookie they'd made in class earlier. Then we drew a picture together, read a book did some puzzles, he showed me a lovely picture of me that he'd drawn...and then the best thing of all was watching Riley sing "My Girl" with his class.

Now I know watching your child sing a song with the class would be a lot of fun for any Mum...but you see, Riley has NEVER joined in to sing a song (let alone do the actions)with his class...It was a constant issue right through Kindy (he was the only one who sat out of his Kindy Christmas concert) and even this year it's been a struggle but his confidence has been gradually improving...and today I can't tell you how proud I was to see him standing up there with the biggest grin on his face while he sang and did every action...and loved every minute of it! My cheeks hurt from smiling and yep...I got the teary eyes too. Seriously it was the best Mother's Day present I could've asked for!!! :)

Now for a little scrapping... This layout is my sample page for the "Scrap It Blind" challenge that's been running for the past week over at Scrapz.Biz. It's been so fun to see everyone's pages popping in the gallery!

This week's challenges are now going up and it was my turn to set the Noteworthy Challenge. (Details of the challenge and how to enter can be found HERE.) I created this for my Mum & Dad who are celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary this month! I wanted to create a special keepsake to mark the occasion and came up with this photo card.

Inside I've included one of their wedding photos along with a photo of them now.

I'll write a little message to them on the back. Isn't 40 years an amazing achievement!? I love these photos...

(Love you Mum & Dad!!! Happy Anniversary!!! xxxxxx)

I think that's about it for now.... I've probably forgotten something though... LOL I hope you're enjoying your week...and have a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday! Hope a little spoiling comes your way. :) Thanks for dropping by!

Sheree xx