Friday, April 30, 2010

Madi's first EVER haircut!!!

That's right...Madi had NEVER had her haircut...until now! I had planned to get it cut when she turned 3 but kept putting it off.. and she loved her long hair too. But it was well and truly time for her very first trip to the hairdressers...luckily once I mentioned it to her she was quite keen. So...we made it a girls day out for a little pampering. She got her hair cut first and then I had my turn. She was so good! She sat there and did everything that was asked of her...and got a yummy heart shaped lollypop afterwards too! :)

So here's how long her hair was... pretty long huh?

Here she is in the chair. I was so proud of her!

And here's our new-look Madi! It's so much more managable...and she's as cute as ever!

Thankfully she loves her new 'do'. :)

Now for a little scrapping before I go. The May Monthly challenge has just gone up over at Scrapz...set by me. (Details of the challenge and how to enter can be found HERE.)

I made this little fabric covered 'Baby Stats' mini book with the idea of having all our family baby stats in the one place. It has a baby pic of each of us along with details such as when & where we were born, our weight and length...all those important little details we want to remember. Here are the inside pages (with dates of birth removed :) )
I just love looking back at those sweet little faces! Although it just makes me realise how fast they've grown!! Where has the time gone?!

Luckily I already had a photo that Paul's Mum had given us from the day he was born with all his details on the back...but no such luck when it came to my baby photos. The earliest one I could find was when I was about 4 weeks old so I had to settle for that one. (Mum and Dad didn't have a camera back then!) I kept the inside pages fairly simple to reduce the bulk. I'm so glad I've finally done this little project! It'll be fun to look through in years to come...the kids love it too!

That's about it from me tonight! *yawn* I'm off to bed. Enjoy the long weekend! Hope you've got something fun planned. :)

Sheree xx


  1. Wow, you did well, Nate hates the hairdresser, we have to have the portable dvd on and then some other bribes, I love her new do, and tell her she is such a good girl for sitting like that, will show Nate later. Love that book you made also, and I know what you mean re: them growing, it just amazes me with their growing, every day new words and expressions. Love to you and your family. Melxx

  2. Love the new 'big girl' look. Your little album is such a wonderful idea

  3. Wow that's a big cut!!! It looks beautiful tho - blunt and healthy.

    I love your Baby Stats book! I've made a similar one - I love having all the stats together! I love your cover especially!

  4. She looks as gorgeous as ever!!

    Love how the book turned out, Sheree such a great idea!! Might have to do one myself. Hard getting baby photos of us though as same thing no photos.

    Have an awesome long weekend. Might see you!!! (:

    Me xxx

  5. What a gorgeous mini!! I'm lucky if I have a photo of me before the age of 14yrs!! LOL!!

    A great idea.

  6. Love Madi's new do...nothing like having a haircut to make you feel good.
    Love love love your little book and the goodies you have used to put it together.

  7. Miss Madi looks gorgeous with her new do...I cant believe how long it had grown...

    Love your baby stats album got my brain ticking....Im thinking that would be a fabulous little project...and something for us always to look back on....the kids are often asking how heavy everyone was...and who they looked like...
    Mardi x


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