Monday, March 22, 2010

One happy little boy, a Lego Book and some scrapping...

Ayden is one VERY happy boy right now. This weekend he finally had enough money saved to go and buy his Nintendo DS!He's very proud of himself...and so he should be too! He did an amazing job saving every cent of his pocket money until he had enough. Needless to say he's been doing a lot of this over the past couple of days...
He's loving it! Now of course Riley and Madi really want one too. LOL I think there'll be a lot of nagging going on here over the coming weeks!

A little while ago I saw a book set on Melissa Goodsell's blog that I just knew my boys would LOVE since they're such big Lego fans!!! Well... I went ahead and ordered one and it just arrived this morning. Riley's eyes were as big as saucers! He's very excited. (He's home from school sick today.) Ayden hasn't seen it yet but he'll be over the moon when he does. It's a fantastic set of two books all about Lego..beautiful pictures and loads of information throughout.If you're interested I bought it online HERE.

Now for some scrapping from the past week or so. These Easter gift cups were for one of the Scrapz.Chickadees challenges. (Details can be found HERE.)

I also found some like these ones HERE which the kids love! They're super easy to make.
I also set an Easter inspired 'What's Cooking' challenge for Scrapz.Chickadees. Details can be found HERE.The journalling on this layout reads: "These photos make me giggle! Not just because of the boys giving each other rabbit ears but because Madison is giving herself rabbit ears! She hasn't quite caught onto the game just yet."

I also scrapped this one for Ayden the other night about his gappy smile. He had three teeth fall out in quick succession at the end of last year. The new teeth still haven't come through yet! LOL

The journalling on this one reads: "Today your second front tooth fell out! That's three gaps in your beautiful smile now. Those teeth of yours seem to be falling out all over the place! Your other front tooth is slowly making its way down but it's going to be a while before we see a full set of teeth in your grin again. In the meantime you're still as cute as ever!"

That's it from me for now. Hope you're feeling great! I'll be back again soon...

Sheree xx


  1. Look at those beautiful LOs! Love the little teeth on strings on the second one. Ayden's gappy smile is so cute!

    The books look great too. I remember going to the Lego land at Myer when I was little, full of huge models made with Lego. Your boys would've loved that too. Might see if I can dig out some pictures for you to show them.

  2. Oh go Ayden what a good boy he is!!! He will love it, the girls love theirs!
    And look at his smile, such a cute layout Sheree!!! Madi is soooo gorgeous!!!

    Love those Easter cups too you are very clever!!

    Have an awesome week.

    Me xxx

  3. Sheree, what a clever, determined little lad you have. That is an amazing feat for one so young to have such a goal AND achieve it. He's going to go a long way in life I'm sure. Well done to him saving so much and what a great thing to save for too.
    Loving your LO's and cards too, always such pretty work.

  4. way to go Ayden, how awesome that he is learning the value of money so early. Love the layouts too Sheree, your work alwaysrocks honey
    Leanne xx

  5. Well done to Ayden, what a fantastic job he has done to save up all that money!!!

    LOve all the cups and super cute layout, you are too clever.

    I know I boy who would love those lego books, I will go and check it out...

    Hope you have a great week...must try and email you this week, I just have to find the need to get on to facebook so we can chat!!! I seem to be on there a bit and not ever on my poor sad old blog :o(

    Cherie xoxox

  6. Hi Sheree, I am laughing so hard at Madi in that pic with the rabbit ears-little the layouts-they are always beautiful and Easter goodies, makes for a great teacher gift I think. Have a great week!

  7. You must be very proud of your boy, that is a fantastic effort. All your work is just beautiful

  8. Lovely work and layouts! I always admire your job Sheree... I am a follower of yours few months now and I hope you don't mind watching your blog and being inspired of your work...
    Elina - Greece

  9. Wow! love those little Easter cups Sheree.

    Don't you just love that gappy grin, so nicely scrapped!

  10. Well done Ayden!
    I love that tooth layout- those hanging teeth are such a fun touch!

  11. We're big Lego fans in this house too! That book would be awesome!

    How cool are Madi's rabbit ears! ROFL

  12. What a great job Ayden has done!!

    And I love those easter projects! ..xx

  13. Love all your creations Sheree, just awesome! Those teeth on strings are just gorgeous!
    Way to go Ayden for saved up your money for the Nintendo DS, that is fantastic!

  14. Well done Ayden ... what great saving..thats awesome.

    Love the look of the lego book too Sheree (Id never seen that before)...I think it would still be a hit in house.....seeing as the lego only came out again on the weekend.... it seems even teens love lego.
    Gorgeous layouts....and Easter buckets....
    Mardi x

  15. Well done Ayden!!!
    That is such a cool Lego book!
    Your work, as always, is spot on.


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