Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't you love new goodies?

Over the past few days I've been having a play with this new stamp of mine...
I love it! It's the Hero Arts Starburst Lace doily stamp. My first little project was a birthday card for this beautiful friend of mine which I've already given to I made another one just because..... :)

Here's a close up so you can see the tulle in the layering...

Then today I put this one together using some old Chattebox papers and embellishments, some of my fave thickers and my Martha Stewart double loops edge punch...

The journalling reads: "Right now with your brothers both at school it's just you and I at home together. I want to make the most of this preciousl time we have because I know that all too soon you'll be off to kindy, then school and we won't have these days to play with dollies, paint our fingernails and have fun with just the two of us. I want to enjoy every moment!"

I'm really aware of how fast time is going to fly by now that the boys are at school, and with Madi going to kindy next year I really want to focus on our one-on-one time together. Funny though...apparently I wasn't paying enough attention to what she was up to the other day. Imagine my reaction when I discovered that while I was in the kitchen, Madi had found a permanent black marker pen and decided to draw a lovely big line (about a metre long) onto our cream carpet!!!! ARGH!!!! OMG I freaked wondering how on earth I was going to get it out? Luckily my super-dooper carpet spray worked and the carpet is now stain free....but once I'd finally finished that job I then found this....grrrrrrrr.....

She'd also got creative on one of the couch cushions! I haven't even attempted to get this one clean...I think it may be a write-off. Needless to say all permanent black marker pens are now off-limits!!! *sigh*

Anyway....before I go I've got one more card to share. This was for one of the Scrapz.Chickadeez challenges last week. Challenge details and my card template can be found HERE.

This was inspired by an Easter card that Ayden brought home from school last year...funny where you can draw ideas from! LOL

Well...I'm off to grab a cuppa and watch the last of The Mentalist. Thanks for dropping by!

Sheree xx


  1. Love that stamp and loved my card!!!!
    I am going to buy that stamp!!!

    Love your layout too gorgeous!!!!!

    Chat soon

    me xxx

  2. Sheree you create the most amazing pieces of work. That card is so lovely, what a lucky friend to receive that. You layout and Easter card are lovely

  3. Beautiful cards and lo's! I love the colours you have used.

    Hopefully you can draw inspiration from the black pen on the cushion too! eeeekkk! LOL! (I've sooo been there!)

  4. Wow, looked like a plain stamp when I first looked at it, but add that to your wonderful creative mind and wella, the card and layout are marvellous, I just love the way you documented the journalling and by the way, I think the cushion is so much better than all over the walls, I have banned the markers too, can you turn the cushion over? but my little boy used a sharpie he got hold of and whilst on the phone 2 days ago went around the walls in my bedroom and the hallway, I have tried but the only thing that gets it off is thinners and this takes the paint off. lol You have to laugh though, or you'd cry....Love Melxx

  5. oh dear! Madi! cream carpet,oooh how lucky it came out! i had a similar experience when Ollie was little. The pillow is definately a keeper by Madi aged 3. Very cute.
    ps your card is lovely. Leax

  6. Wow! You are so talented Sheree! Love both the card and the layout! Great stamp too.

    Oops about the cushion! My DD has drawn on the walls three times and her bed once. Can only blame ourselves really... for passing on the creative gene! LOL!

  7. I love that stamp Sheree, beautiful cards!

  8. I found a stamp at my LSS today just like this but it is a Hero Arts Cling stamp. Just had to have a doily stamp once I saw yours! My wallet says thanks! LOL!

  9. awesome cards! love the stamp!!!

  10. Beautiful cards Sheree!
    My kids have had love affairs with permanent markers. We have cream carpet too. It's amazing how much some cleaning products can get out! That said I'm looking forward to recarpeting when the kids get older!

  11. wow what a fab stamp that is! Love all your creations Sheree :)

  12. Loved the 'cushion art' by Madi.....I could just imagine it stitched on with thread a little piece of Madi at 3 years..
    Gorgeous Porgeous cards too seriously are the card queen.....well actually everything you create is beautiful!!

  13. What a beautiful stamp and a gorgeous card and LO, love your work!

    Ooh, the black marker would have made me cry :(

  14. Hi your layout with the stamp...classic and clean, very stylish. Hee hee to the cushion art - NOT something I envy you having, but, it IS an original 'Madi' though!

  15. hi!
    just found your blog yesterday + love your work!!
    now just a question.......where did you buy that Hero stamp.....its just gorgeous.


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