Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A clever little monster, little faces & a button heart

I'm one very proud mummy! Riley came home very excited about a surprise he had in his home folder...his very first ever school award!!!!
The award was for 'having the confidence to give new things a try.' Oh my was just fantastic to see how proud of himself he was! We've been so worried about how he was going in Prep so to see him come home with this award was so exciting! We hope his confidence grows more and more each day... he seems to be really enjoying himself at school now. :)
Onto some scrapping and I've got a couple of things to share...
This layout was just for fun about the morning I got up to find Riley missing from his bed! After frantically searching the house, calling his name and getting no response I finally found him sound asleep under our bed! I have to say I was really starting to panic by the time I found him...and thank goodness he hasn't done it again! He must've come in during the night...can't have been comforable under there! LOL
This layout was for Jen's What's Cooking challenge where we had to use die cut paper, the colour red, at least one b&w photo and the number 2 (my number 2 is in the date). I used some new Jenni Bowlin and Prima and my double loop Martha Stewart punch on this one.

My last share for this post is this button heart shadow box frame that I made for this week's Build It Up challenge over at Scrapz Biz. (Details of the challenge can be found HERE and instructions on how I created it can be found HERE. You'll need to be logged in to see the instructions.)

I plan on updating the photo now and then to keep it current..I'll use a family pic next I think.

Well...I'm outta here! It's getting kinda late and I'm sure I'll have three little voices waking me up early again tomorrow. LOL Thanks so much for dropping by! Always lovely to see you here! :)

Sheree xx


  1. Congratulations Riley! That's super.
    Your layout looks fabbo. I am a bit jealous because my under bed looks nothing like that. I have a couple of boxes, a pile of magazines, upholstery fabric and suitcases! No room for kids!
    Your button heart project looks awesome. Fantastic colour choice!

  2. I'm not surprised you were panicking Sheree! Gorgeous layouts!!! Your BUI project looks awesome :).

  3. Congrats to Riley...That is so fantastic, Im really pleased to hear he is enjoying school more and more as I know how worried you were about him. He looks very proud of himself in the photo.. (he has the same smile as you)

    Love the layouts...just gorgeous and how sweet is the button heart...LOVE it!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your week
    Cherie xoxox

  4. The picture of your little boy under the bed is sooo cute and the layout is stunning, the heart in frame is gorgeous and the diecut layout of your children is just magnificent, can you tell I am a fan of your work. Love Melxxx

  5. I too would of been panicking! Congrats to Riley on the award! These creations are fabulous, love the button heart in the frame....

  6. Congrats to that cute little monster! It's always such a relief to know that your kids are fitting in well at school. :) Getting certificates are always a lovely bonus too!

    Just gorgeous lo's too! I am in love with your shadow box project!! Hope you are well..xx

  7. I just love the shadow box! The texture of all the red buttons is just gorgeous.

    Contratulations Riley!! And lol at his sleeping under your bed! One time when Tassy was about 2 or 3 Dave and I woke to find her between us in our bed. That was the one and only time. We didn't even wake up when she climbed in!

  8. Really love your work! Will definitley be back to look again.

  9. I missed this sorry Sheree.

    Congratulations Riley, what a clever little man. So glad he is settling in for you. Its hard when they are so young!!!

    Love the LO's (as always)& the shadow box. I think the diecut LO might be one of my favourites to date!! You did an awesome job on all of them. You just keep getting better and better!!

    chat soon, have an awesome weekend.

    Me xx

  10. Congratulations to your little man, what a special achievment.
    And love your LO about the "monster" under your bed. I'm sure your heart skipped a beat though when you couldn't find him. Does he remember getting under there? Too cute.

  11. WTG Riley!!! You must be so proud Sheree, and it is lovely to see that he too is so proud. He is seriously the spitting image of you, isn't he?!!!

    Love your What's Cooking LO! It is absolutely perfect!!!

    Your frame is sure to be a treasured keepsake!

  12. Hi Sheree! Look at little Riley, bless him. What a proud little boy and a proud Mumma too. How great that he is doing so well. Love that you scrapped you and Paul below. I especially love the happy shots in the second lo! Beautiful lo's too. LOVE the framed heart too. You are creating SO much these days and so many beautiful things too. and Finally HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
    Yep I am doing a very big catch up on your posting.I hope you had a GREAT bday. How great is Pauls gift-so funny and clever too, did I miss your age??Hahah.

  13. Love your LOs Sheree you are very talented


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