Thursday, January 28, 2010

School, scrapping and no more dummies!

It's been quite a week this week with a couple of big events going on here! The first was a huge step for our little Miss M.... She's been quite attached to her dummy (pacifier) up until now...always asking for it at bedtime or whenever she got upset or tired during the day. I know it's something we should've done ages ago but she loved it and it gave her comfort when she needed it. We'd been planning to get rid of it this weekend anyway since she'll be turning 3...but earlier this week she lost it around the house somewhere. I took the opportunity to get rid of it for good! Yippee!!! (I did find it...but it's now long gone...hee hee hee) We're now officially a dummy-free household...but it also means our baby is growing up...and too fast! She really does look so grown up in this photo...her extra long hair makes her look older I think. :)

Of course the second big event this week was the boys starting school for the year. Here they are looking very handsome in their uniforms ready to go! :)

Ayden has gone into Grade 2 and couldn't wait to start! He's got a lot of his old friends in his class so he's very happy. For Riley it was his very first day of Prep. He was so excited all morning...all giggly. It was so funny! We were really worried about how he'd go once we had to leave him but he amazed us with not even a tear in sight! To say it was a huge relief would be an understatement... it also meant no tears from me. :) Thank goodness! He has a couple of his kindy friends in his class so I'm glad he has some familiar faces around him..and I'm sure he'll make more little friends in no time!

I've been managing to squeeze a little creating in amongst it all here and there too. This is a layout I scrapped for Lydell's sketch challenge over at Scrapz Biz last week..

Then there was this one I created for Melleny's 'What's Cooking' challenge...

One of the 'ingredients' was to use lots of numbers...the first thing I thought of was to finally use this numbers paper from my stash. We also had to use at least 3 buttons so I gave the monsters little button balloons to hold onto. :) I think the other two ingredients were cardstock and 4 photos. It was fun to do this see-through layout! I think when I add it to Riley's album though I'll probably back it with some kraft.

This week I've set the 'What's Cooking' challenge! If you'd like to give it a go you can find all the details HERE, or just click HERE to see all the other challenges for this week. Here's my sample layout...

This was Ayden 2 years ago on his first day of Prep. I know...I'm a little behind on scrapping school pics! LOL At least I've made a start! Oh he was so little back then...

I think that's about it from me tonight. Hope you're all having a great week! If you had children starting or going back to school this week too I hope it all went well!

Sheree xx


  1. What a clever girl and so gorgeous!! She does look grown up!!!
    And those boys omg watch out girls!!!! They look sooo handsome!!

    Love the layouts!!! Awesome as always!!!

    Me xx

  2. Well done to Madi, we have the same problem in our house, I dont think Velvet will ever want to give hers up!!! And what a cute photo of her too...

    The boys do look very handsome in the uniforms...very grown up. Im glad to hear the Riley's first day went well, I hope he continues to enjoy it.

    The layouts are great...

    Take care
    Cherie xxoo

  3. I'm so glad it all went well for you! And no tears is always a bonus first day back at school!! hee hee!

    Your little girl is getting big too! She is so cute with her extra long hair!

    Love the lo's! AMAZING! Might have to have a play with your ingredient list too!

  4. Look at how grown up those gorgeous children are. They grown way too quick. Love all your lovely creations too :0

  5. Looks it's little Sheree! Yes her long hair is amazing! Tassy's hair didn't even reach her shoulders when she was that age. Nice work with the dummy too!

    Just gorgeous layouts Sheree!

  6. oh I was thinking about Riley starting school. I am so happy it went so well for you both. Big milestones all round, yipee for madi giving up the dummy. Sheree I love all your layouts. You are so talented and I always wonder how you achieve so much but after the retreat I know you just hop to it! Love the lo of the last one-would i be able to scraplift it?? Leax

  7. The layouts are beautiful! I especially like the rocket and stars!
    Well done Miss M on being such a big girl. I remember a similar fortunate 'misplacement' with my son!

  8. yay Madi, that's a huge step! Wow, the boys look so cute, I love their uniforms!

    Gorgeous Lo's, the monster's balloons are a fab idea!

  9. Wow you did so well to get rid of the dummy, we have a botty still at night time here and going through the tantrums if we don't get it, may have to lose it...... Love the layouts you have done and the photos of your beautiful children are gorgeous.

  10. Well done Madi...
    Gee she is such a sweetie Sheree.....growing up so fast...and the boys look so handsome all ready for school in their smart uniforms too....
    Gorgeous kids...
    Beautiful layouts too Sheree....
    Mardi x


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