Monday, December 14, 2009

December Daily 2009....

Last night I finally started my December Daily album! YAY!! I had all these grand plans of doing one last year but time got away from I'm very pleased with myself for getting my act into gear this year! LOL (If you're wondering what a December Daily album is all about... just go here to read all about it.)

It's been fun to see the beginnings of so many other albums popping up on blogs lately! When I sat down to do my cover I couldn't get the big glittery star out of my head that I saw on Elizabeth Kartchner's my cover ended up being inspired by hers. I used some glittered cardstock for my that stuff!

Here's what I've done so far...

The Cover:

These pics are a view of the double pages so you see what the album actually looks like...
And here are some closer pics of each individual page...
The inside cover:

Day 1: Putting up the Tree
Day 1 continued...

Day 2: Making teachers' gifts

Day 3: School Christmas Concert
Day 3: continued...
I'm hoping to work on more tonight. :)
Have you started a December Daily album yet? If so I'd love to see your work!
Sheree xx


  1. 1st lol
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it Sheree!!!
    Mmmmm now I better start on mine huh!!

    Me xxx

  2. Totally gorgeous Sheree, love those notebook covers you made for the teachers. I started mine too...but it's taking ages, I feel like I'm so far behind already!

  3. I love your Christmas Daily Album Sheree! Can't wait to see the rest of it...

  4. this looks fantastic sheree. I am so glad you finally found some time to start one!
    I am managing to keep up with the photo taking...just need to do some printing.

  5. Your work is always so neat and tidy and vibrant, always GORGEOUS. Loving your December daily album, it will be something precious to treasure. Wish I could find time to do one, maybe next year???

  6. Oh this is divine Sheree!! I really love the cover.
    I did an album last year and I LOVE it. I packed it away with my Christmas decorations and it was lovely to get it out again and go thru it. Tassy has gone thru it numerous times. I know you'll treasure yours!

  7. What a beautiful album Sheree....Ilove the glittery star and bells on the festive....Ill look forward to watching it grow as you share it with us...
    Ive got one coming along too....I did it last year and its such a treasure.....I couldnt resist doing it again....I just need to take some snaps to share...
    Happy silly season...
    Mardi x

  8. Oh wow Sheree that just gorgeous...I love it

    I am doing one too...I did it last year and its so lovely to look back at what we did each day.

    I must get my act together and phoograph mine and add it to my blog...

    Cherie xxooxx

  9. Oh forgot to say, I got Elizabeths book, 52 more scrapbooking challenges..its great...lots and lots of lovely layouts and great ideas


  10. This looks FANTASTIC! Just so well designed and beautiful colours.
    Your cover is amazing. Love it!
    I'm doing a DD too - though mine is much more basic. I'll share some when I get a bit more organised! ;)

  11. Beautiful Album babe! Your a clever chickie!

  12. Your album is stunning Sheree! Well done on being so organised!!!

    I have a blog award for you! Check it out at


  13. Gorgeous Album Sheree. I have made a list for what I have done each day.....but have not started yet!!! Oh dear!


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