Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

That's what it's been around here! I'm slowly but surely plodding my way through my Christmas to-do between all the end of year school/kindy/work functions!

Since my last post we've had Paul's work Christmas party which was a lot of fun! (Although it was an extremely hot day!) The helicopter flew in, there was a jumping castle and all sorts of activities for the kids (and big kids alike!) and then Santa paid us all a visit and handed out a little gift to all the children...

Then we had Ayden's School Christmas Concert. Ayden's class sang "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth"...very appropriate since most of the kids in the class are missing theirs! LOL

Today we had Ayden's first ever swimming carnival. We were a little worried about what was involved as he's still learning to swim...but we were pleasantly surprised. They had the inflatable crocodile races, pool noodle races, kickboard... lots of fun things that everyone could do. There were no first/second/ was all about participating and having fun. (Just one of the things I love about our school!) Ayden had such a great time!

It's hard to believe we're in the last week of school for the year! Only a few days left until school holidays...yay!!!

I've also been busy this past week sewing these as gifts for Ayden and Riley's teachers..

I used one of Janelle's patterns to make them and just added a pen holder to the front. (You can find her gorgeous pattern HERE! It's very easy to make and the instructions are great.)

The Twelve Days of Christmas Scrapz is still going over at Scrapz Biz. The gallery has been filling up with all sorts of beautiful Christmassy things. All twelve projects have now been revealved! I created this ornament for Challenge 11...

I thought this would be a lovely keepsake to hang on the tree. :)

I finally made a start on my Christmas cards last night too! I was starting to think I wasn't going to get them made this year...but now I'm well on my way and hoping to finish them off tonight. Sorry I can't share a pic just yet..don't want to spoil it for those I'm sending them too! ;)

Well it's time to get the kids all tucked into bed so I can start creating! Hope you all have a lovely week! Thanks so much for dropping by!

Sheree xx


  1. Yeah first!! Lol

    wow you have had a HUGE week!! Such a busy woman!!

    The party looked unreal and I am sure Ayden had a great time at his concert! Love the Santa hats soooo cute!! He looks soo cute in his swimmers!!!!

    Love those notebooks and your ornament!! I am hoping to do something soon lol!!

    Have a great week see you soon!!

    Me xxx

    Me xxx

  2. You have been a very busy girl. Wow that party looks like it was lot's of fun. Great photos!!!

  3. Wow what lucky teachers!! The notebooks are beautiful!v

  4. Busy busy alright Sheree.....your place reminds me of mine...
    Loved your gorgeous ornament...very cute...and those journals for gufts are just amazing....what a lovely lovely gift..
    Mardi x

  5. Wow you have been busy...looks like everyone had fun a Paul's work christmas party...
    Great photos of the Christmas concert and swimming carnival..sounds like the races were lots of fun!!!
    Look at your gorgeous are too clever and how cute is the photo in the christmas ornament...what a great keepsake...

    Have a great week
    Cherie xxxx

  6. What a festive lot of photos! And a huge week! December is so crazy.
    Your notebooks look fantastic!!! The teachers are very lucky. Clever lady!

  7. Sheree the pic of the chdn is GORGEOUS! My three are are horrid-Lulu doesn't look, Bella gives me a fake smile and Ollie sticks his tongue out. So did you take alot of pics to get that one or were bribes involved???


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