Monday, December 14, 2009

Another week closer to Christmas.....

It's been another full-on week! With the school year winding down we had quite a bit to organise and some events to go to. We've got all the boys' uniforms and bookpacks organised for next year now...relief! We found out which teachers both the boys will have next year and who their classmates will be....Ayden's very excited to have a lot of his Prep friends back in his class next year in Year 2... and Riley already knows a couple of little friends who'll be starting Prep with him. All we need to do now is buy new school shoes and lunch boxes, cover some books and we're good to go! Feels pretty good to have it all under control so early. :)

Ayden finished school on Thursday with a class Christmas party which was lots of fun. Madi and I went along and there were games, loads of yummy food ... followed by goodbyes to his lovely teacher and friends. (I'd love to share pics but haven't had time to blur out the other kids...sorry!)

Riley had his last day of kindy on Friday. They kept it fairly low key as a few of the kids have been getting quite teary at any mention of kindy finishing up... including Riley! It was good that they had already had their graduation a couple of weeks back. They all had a lovely day...but saying goodbye to his beautiful teachers was very sad. They've been the most caring, dedicated, gorgeous ladies and so very patient and kind to Riley this year! We're very grateful for everything they've done for him. Luckily we've already got Madi's name down there for 2011 so we'll see everyone again then. :)

Besides all that we've just been running around getting Christmas gifts organised, Christmas cards posted and working through our very long to-do list. I'm sure you're all just as busy at your place at the moment!

I finally managed to get my December daily album started last night so I'll post again shortly with some pics...

In the meantime...take care! Hope you can find some time to relax in amongst all the Christmas chaos!

Sheree xx

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  1. Whew what a week huh??
    Lucky you still have time for your little friend!! LOL

    Looks like the kids had a ball & am so glad they are happy with their teachers etc.

    chat soon.

    Me xxx


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