Sunday, November 15, 2009

To Sydney and back...

We're home! We've just had a quick trip to Sydney to visit Paul's parents. I was only home a day from the retreat and we were packing up the car and heading off on our looooong drive!
Paul's Mum has been very ill for quite a while now... and while Paul's managed to do some weekend visits throughout the year it's been hard trying to co-ordinate a trip to take the kids down and spend some time with while Paul had a few days off work we decided to pull Ayden out of school for the week and just go. It was wonderful to see them and just spend some time together...although it would've been nice to stay longer.

So anyway...we've arrived home this afternoon and I've got sooooooo much to catch up on!!! I had no internet while I was away which is why I haven't blogged about the retreat yet...but I'll try to get to that this week. I still have to finish off all my projects too!!! I've also got lots of pics to go through from our Sydney trip so that'll have to wait as well...

In the meantime I'll share this little mini album I've created for the 'Build-it-up' weekly challenge that went up over at Scrapz Biz on Thursday. I've been taking photos of all the little things the boys have been building with Lego throughout the year and I finally got to put them all together in this little book for Ayden. (I still have to make one for Riley too.) I think it'll be fun to look back at this in a couple of years!

These are a few of the inner pages...

I've created a little tutorial for this which you'll find in the Scrapz Biz forum if you're interested. (You'll have to be logged in to view it.)

Ok...gotta go. My to-do list is about a mile long! I'll be back as soon as I can...

Sheree xx


  1. What a great idea to take pics of all those creations!

  2. That turned out awesome Sheree, love it.
    Missed you while you were away can't wait to see your pics from the trip and retreat.
    Ewwww too much housework to do, don't you love that you have a holiday & have to come back & work!!! LOL.
    catch you soon
    Me xxx

  3. Glad to hear you have arrived home safe and sound.

    I still have not blogged about the retreat yet either...its also on my to do list!!

    Love how the album has turned out..such great idea to take photos of all those creations, I am going to try and start doing that to for jasper as he is a keen lego builder.

    Take care and chat soon
    Cherie xx

  4. Love this!!I am definitely going to try this little mini! definitely-maybe! LOL!

    glad you had a good time while away.

  5. Tell Ayden I think his creations are fantastic! Hope your trip to see Paul's mum went well. Chat soon :)

  6. Sheree, that is such a fantastic idea for litle boys (or girls for that matter) the boys are always building with lego and then go and break it all up. What a great way to capture those little memories. x

  7. What a great idea for an album! Isn't Ayden so clever!!! I LOVED Lego when I was little. Dave and I have been collecting Lego for about 10 years so Tassy will have a big collection. We've only given her a little bit of it so far.


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