Sunday, November 22, 2009

33 Days Until Christmas!!!!!!

Can you believe that? A couple of days ago I sat down and wrote a list of everything I need to get done between now and then... and that was enough scare me into action! LOL

The girls at Scrapz Biz have been popping little Christmas recipes and ideas into the forum which has really helped me get started. Yesterday I sat down and made about 45 of these little lot for Ayden's class and another lot for Riley's kindy friends. The boys love them and can't wait to hand them out!

I also made a batch of these... they're so cute and super easy!

And then I had a go at some Peppermint Bark...delicious and so quick to make!!!Ayden also got busy and wrote out all the Christmas cards for his school friends... Then I dragged out the Santa hats and organised the kids for our 2009 Christmas photo...

I feel so much better now that I've made a start... although there's SO much more to do! LOL I'll get there....

A highlight of my week was definitely escaping to the movies on Friday morning with Mel to see New Moon!

It was AWESOME!!!! Can't wait for Eclipse to be released now! LOL (I hate that I'm always so pale in photos....urgh!)

Onto some scrapping now...and here is this week's sketch challenge that I've set over at Scrapz.

I've stitched a grid background on this which is a little hard to here's a close-up...If you'd like to enter the challenge you'll find all the details here.

Well that's about it for now! Hope wherever you are you're managing to stay cool in this heatwave that's sweeping the country! Take care...

Sheree xx


  1. You have been a very busy girl. I love all the creations.

  2. OHG...33 days!!!
    I seriously need to get my but into gear!!!!
    LOVE the candy reindeers...very cute...
    I must get my kids together this week and do our christmas photo!!
    I have not got to see New Moon yet...Im going insane...I NEED TO SEE IT NOW!!!!!
    Love the layout..gorgeous as always.

    Have a great week
    Chat soon
    Cherie xx

  3. Wow I'm impressed that you're so organised!!! I took some Christmas photos yesterday but that's as much as I've done for Christmas! Plus a little bit of shopping - but still PLENTY more to do!

    And I'm an incredibly pale one...

  4. Wow Sheree huge awesome post!!!!

    All that cooking and gorgeous reindeers you are one busy woman!! Love it all!!!

    So cute Ayden doing cards will have to get the girls going seeing it's only that many days, thanks for telling me totally freaking out now lol!!

    Wouldn't have gone with anyone else!!! Can't wait for eclipse!!! It's a date!!!

    Chat soon
    me xxx

  5. SERIOUSLY!!!!


    That's me running around in a mad panic! LOL! Thanks for the push to get things done! :)

  6. Please don't scare me like that! Eeek! I am not nearly so organised as you are.
    I love your reindeer. And all those yummy things. Peppermint bark I haven't seen before - what's in that?
    Your Chrissy photo is so cute!!!
    I LOOOOOOVe that layout! It looks fabbo! I am finding myself really drawn to clean lines. I'm glad you showed a closeup of the stitched grid. Fab idea! I love your stitched leaves too. Gorgeous work.

  7. P.S. I'm a paleface too. :) At least when you're photo'd with other palefaces, it's not so noticeable ...

  8. love your pages sheree, and your christmas photo shoot.


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