Thursday, September 3, 2009

Has another week gone by already?

The days seem to be flying by at the moment for some reason... Time for another weekly challenge over at Scrapz Biz and this week I've set the Paint a Rainbow colour combo challenge . I chose a green/orange/red/white combo and came up with this sample layout...I've used some Sassafras Lass, Imaginisce, American Crafts and Doodlebug products on this one and decided to use black and white pics for a change ( Madi's hot pink shirt wouldn't have gone too well.... and we all know that grass is green right? *grin*)

I you'd like to have a go and this challenge (or any of the 4 new challenges posted today) just head on over to the Designer Zone for more details. You could win one of two shopping vouchers that are up for grabs!

That's all I've got to share at the moment...sorry. I've been working on more DT projects which I'll show you over the coming weeks. :)

On the homefront we've been busy with all the usual stuff. Paul hasn't stopped with work.. and it looks like he'll be working on Fathers Day this Sunday which is a bit of a bummer. We'll have a special brekkie before he heads off for the day though.

Riley has been getting right into Lego building this week.... I've often had to go and find him because he's been so quiet just to see he was still there! It's great to see him enjoying it so much and he's been very creative with it.

We've started toilet training with Madi and she's doing amazingly well! We've only had one accident over the past few days...surely it can't be this easy? I'm hoping she keeps it up.

Ayden's been busy at school as usual and yesterday they had the Book Week Character Parade. Ayden went as Ben 10 this time...

That mask looked so funny.... It was great to see all the kids dressed up and having so much fun. Even the teachers got into the spirit of the day!
Today I'm at home today waiting for the delivery of my new iPhone. Yippee!!! My old phone is on the way out so its time to upgrade and I've had to listen to Paul bragging about his iPhone for months now. LOL I can't wait...wish they would hurry up!
Hope everyone's feeling great! Thanks so much for dropping by :)
Sheree xx


  1. Love this LO Sheree!...I'd like to see if I can get a challenge or two done this week! All the best with Madi's toilet training....It can be a long haul, but I have heard a few times now, that little girls get the hang of it easier....Here's hoping! Good luck with your should have it by now. I love mine, and have all sorts of really handy organising apps on it!!! Have fun! Lydell xx

  2. Great layout Sheree. And that costume of Ben 10 is fantastic!

    So are you going to be 'missing' for a few days while you play obsessively with your new phone ? LOL!

  3. Absolutely love your lo, the colours and details are fantastic, just gorgeous! Lovin' the Ben 10 costume too, little boys are obsessed with him right now hey!

  4. I am sooo keen to join you over at ScrapBiz... I really want to get this PAR challenge done too.

    Love that Ben 10 costume...Book Week likes to challenge us as parents don't you think?! Or is that just me! LOL! ;P

    As fort he toilet training... Yep. For my girl, it was that easy. Practically over night so I'm hoping the same for you! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. LOVE the layout...great it

    Ayden looks so COOL...the mask is unreal...I had to look twice, I thought it was a Ben 10 doll!!!!

    Riley would have here with Jasper...he is LEGO mad...every spare moment he is building it was a tower with a clock face!!!

    Have a great week
    60 days to go...!!!

    Cherie xx

  6. Loved reading about your gorgeous kids and checking out your beautiful creations. LOL about the toilet seat on the head and that toothy grin is so cute. WOW about the Ben 10 costume, it's so real I though you had a statue in the garden or something LOL.
    Good luck with the toilet training, been there not so long ago and now we're trying to get DS to go dry at night. He's nearly there ...

  7. Hi honey, Love your LO, the challenge sounds like fun, just not sure I am going to have enough time to complete it but I will give it a good go! Tee hee! Hows that iphone going????

  8. The mask is fabulous - he looks so cute. I love your colour combo of green and orange - totally striking.


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