Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scrapz Biz Weekly Challenges...

The first Weekly Challenges have gone up over at Scrapz Biz and this week I've set the first sketch challenge. Here's my sketch and layout sample...

You can check out the other challenges too on the Designer Zonez page and get all the details on how you can join in. You've got until midnight Wednesday 12 August 2009 to upload your entry to this week's challenges. Hope you can find some time to get scrapping!
Sheree xx


  1. Sheree you have done an amazing job with this challenge. I love your sketch and sample page. Very inspiring

  2. Awesome sketch Sheree it made it so easy to sit down and scrap!! You got me to scrap a photo that had been sitting around for 4years!!! Yours is gorgeous too love the phot of madi!! Am going to check out the other comps.

    Me xxx

  3. This is stunning! You have an amazing talent and i love seeing your work!

  4. Love the layout Sheree...very cute

    I am hoping to find some time tomorrow to scrap, I will do the sketch challene if I get time.

    Chat soon
    Cherie xx

  5. this is gorgeous sheree and madi is as cute as ever! thank you for popping by to hi to karlyn as well, very sweet of you, we all know how a bit of blog love makes our day! have a great wekend. Leax

  6. Hi Sheree, I finally got over here to visit! Love your blog. Great background. I will get around to adding you all onto my sidebar soon :)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous... definately inspiring!

  8. Cute Layout Sheree

    Yes it has been waaaaay too long since we have had a cuppa. I have been working and when I am not working I seem to be running shildren from this sport to the next.....Ah the joys of being a mummy,

    We are very excited about going to KL and yes I chose that destination for the shopping although I did tell Stuart that it would be a great place to visit as there are so many cultural things to do and lots of places to go he he. (shh don't tell him that though)
    Anyway gotta go
    luv to you
    Leanne xxx

  9. What a great sketch Sheree! How gorgeous is Mad in the snow! Tassy has still never been to the snow! Although a year ago we had a little bit of snow fall in our backyard one morning! It was awesome! Still, REAL snow would be awesome!

  10. Oh Sheree, that is just gorgeous! Fantastic take on the sketch


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